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Thread: So Who's Power Is Out ?

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    So Who's Power Is Out ?

    Just wondering with all the problems here in the Ohio Valley and stretching to the east coast with storms and excessive heat who all here is without power.

    We live in Dayton, OH and our power went out Friday afternoon and then came back on Saturday morning but then with the next line of storms it went out again Sunday afternoon and is still out. Luckily we have family where we can stay and charge up the computer and stuff. My sister is going to school and living in Silver Springs, MD and they have been out since Friday afternoon.

    So anybody without power or had lost power check in with where you live and what your status is.
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    Power is fine here since we're used to the heat in North Texas and our power infrastructure is built to deal with it. But my office's AC is out. Fortunately we're off Wednesday-Friday so I only have to put up with it for two days.

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    Yeah my momma lives in the DC/MD area and her power was out for a couple of days but it is now back on.
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    Ours flickered but thankfully stayed on.
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    I live near Mansfield, Ohio and we lost power Friday night, got it back on Saturday and haven't lost it again. Sounds like we were lucky to get it back so quickly.
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