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    Millhouse Tobacco cards? Anyone buying?

    What's the deal with these cards? They are being sold all over eBay, in all sports. They look like they are homemade. They do not have NHL or NHLPA logos on them. Are these legitimate cards or just something that someone cooked up in their basement.

    Anyone buying them?
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    Never bought any of these, but I paid a few bucks (each) for some OPC Retro knockoffs not too long ago.

    They're exactly what you think they are - doesn't mean they don't have value to some people... but likely not as much as the sellers are often asking. I remember a while back, a guy on HI found a Tretiak 'homemade' card. The thing was, the photo used came from his website (the HI member) and was of him, in Tretiak style gear! If I recall correctly, he actually bought one becuase of how funny the whole thing was.
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    Just saw these on eBay. Card of Len Bias. Interesting but I guess unlicensed.

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    These things pop up in one form or another every couple months. The first time I saw them I suckered myself into buying Ken Dryden, Howie Morenz & Muhammad Ali cards. Then a different version came out and then another different version etc............

    And they're teeny, once I got them I was like, all "what am I gonna DO with them????"

    Normal-sized basement cards, I got no problem with them :)
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    Nothing wrong with homemade cards ;) but seriously, they seem to sell decently well, custom cards a neat additions to PC. I myself though prefer making them custom made for the customer as it has more of a sentimental feel that way rather than just making a bunch and sticking them up on ebay.

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    The "Other" section of Cards is where some hombre has around 1,500 of these listed all the damn time.

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