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    Guess the Final Price Contest - 2003-04 Ultimate Collection LeBron James

    Earn 500 Card Cash by playing our Guess the Final Price contest!

    Just guess the final price of this LeBron James 2003-04 Ultimate Collection Auto RC #/250 BGS 10 Auto 10 WITHOUT going over and before the deadline stated below.

    1. Deadline: Members must post their guess in this thread by 12pm EST Thursday on June 28th, 2012. Auction will end at 6:15pm on Friday June 29th, 2012 and winner will be announced shortly after.
    2. Simply reply to this thread with your guess. Please do not PM me with your guess. Only one guess per member. Check all posts in this thread to be sure you are not posting the same guess as another member (see rule #6). Guesses may not be changed later (even in a new post) for any reason.
    3. Members are NOT allowed to edit their post for any reason. Editing your post automatically eliminates you from this contest and possibly future contests.
    4. Closest member's guess WITHOUT going over the final auction price wins.
    5. All posted guesses must state a final bid price. Guesses such as, "This auction will end early" or "$0" or similar posts anticipating auctions ending early will be invalid. If an auction ends early, the contest will end immediately without a winner. A new "Guess the Final Price" contest will then be started. Please PM me if you see that the auction has ended early and a new GTFP contest has not been started.
    6. There will be no ties. If more than one person posts the winning guess, the earliest post wins.
    7. It will now be permissible to add cents to your guess. Cents may be used with rule #7 above to break ties.
    8. Members who violate any of these contest rules are subject to disqualification from the contest.
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    That stinks! Auction ended early! Probably sold it to someone offline... now we'll never know what it went for!

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    If you followed the link in the OP, it's for a Kevin Durant auto that DID end early.

    The LeBron I looked up (Graded Pristine 10/w 10 Auto) is here.

    Not sure if it's the right one, but it's the only one I found like that.

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    I thought the page was for the LeBron, ended early, then ebay just posted the KD auction instead, cuz the only other LBJ auction (the one linked above), ends on Friday, so probably not the one... man, these ebay sellers are makin it difficult for us. Anyway, I'll guess anyway, just in case...


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    Collecting signed Donruss Diamond Kings - 155/243
    '82 DKs: 15/27 - '83 DKs: 16/27 - '84 DKs: 15/27
    '85 DKs: 18/27 - '86 DKs: 18/27 - '87 DKs: 18/27
    '88 DKs: 21/27 - '89 DKs: 19/27 - '90 DKs: 15/27

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