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    Wk 6 softball preview...standings shakin' up!!

    Our schedule tonite looks easy on paper.
    We're 2 teams that are 1-7.

    One team sneaked into 3rd place past Viking Signs!!

    STANDINGS(Top 4):
    1-Peter's Signs(8-1)
    3-Elgard Bros(5-4)
    4-Viking Signs(5-5)

    Elgard Bros was 2-20 last yr!!!

    This wk is 6/ I guess this will be our "ALL-STAR BREAK"(w/o days off).

    However, Watercade(town carnival) tournament is July 7,8(I believe 14 teams). We won tournament last yr($500).

    I had to work last wknd, but found out we came in 2nd in 18-team tourney.

    Needless to say...a sweep tonite & loss by other 3 teams should definitely lock up 2nd place.

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    We won 24-1 & 15-4

    1-Peter's Signs(10-1)
    3-Viking Signs(7-5)
    4-Elgin Bros(5-6)

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