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    100 plus new GU and autos for trade maybe sell

    you want to buy any name a price. I havent looked up every value or checked ebay so just say wha you will pay.

    In trade looking for autos, Packers gu and autos, Brewers gu and autos, Deion or Bo jackson gu and autos, HOF autos, some vick, emmitt, montana, elway, marino gu or autos, cool numbered gu cards like the first or last one, HOF baseball gu, molitor and yount, rickie weeks, Andrew Bogut, maybe a few others if you have a page Ill look. thanks. Its a long list.


    Nolan Ryan
    02 UD Piece of History jersey

    04 Skybox LE jersey 181/299
    01 Fleer Game time bat
    04 Topps jersey
    03 Box Score mini jersey
    03 Leaf jersey 102/250
    05 Topps Pack Wars bat
    04 Bazooka bat
    04 Bazooka jersey
    02 Triple Crown jersey
    01 SP GU jersey
    01 UD Legends jersey
    01 UD jesey
    01 Fleer Legacy base
    02 Flair Greats jersey

    02 UD jersey
    02 Ovation jersey
    02 EX base

    03 Box Score Bronx Bombers jersey
    02 Triple Crown 2 color jersey
    02 Focus jersey
    01 Ultra jersey
    02 Showcase jersey
    04 Ultra jersey 161/1000
    03 UD game base

    01 UD base

    Alex Rodriguez
    02 Genuine hat656/670
    02 Genuine jersey
    02 Premium base 52/100
    01 MVP dual bat arod/martinez
    03 Game Face jersey
    02 Donruss jersey Kings
    02 Focus jersey
    01 UD all-star salute jersey
    02 Ovation jersey
    01 UD Reserve dual base arod/clemens
    03 Honor roll jersey
    01 UD Reserve dual jersey arod/batista
    01 UD base
    00 SP Game bat bat
    01 Ultimate jersey 98/150
    02 Finest jersey
    03 Tradition jersey
    01 SPX Triple jersey arod/vizquel/Furcal
    01 UD Centenial jersey
    01 UD Home run derby jersey
    02 UD DC quad bat arod/ordonez/jusice/thome
    02 UD DC quad bat arod/irod/gonzalez/palmeiro
    03 Flair jersey

    Drew Henson
    02 HP autograph
    03 Classic Portraits autograph

    Deion Sanders
    04 ex auto/jersey

    Sammy Sosa
    01 UD Golve glove batting glove
    05 UD jersey
    04 Topps Tirbute jersey
    01 UD Legends jersey
    04 Topps CHrome jersey
    03 Splended SPlinters jersey
    04 Absolute bat/jersey 75/150

    Carlos Beltran 04 Absolute auto 92/100
    Craig Biggio 05 Diamond Kings 1/1 autograph
    Ron Cey 02 Fleer autograph
    Khalil Greene 04 Fleer Classic CLippings auto 62/150
    Joey Gathright 05 Diamond Kings 1/1 auto
    Aramis Ramirez 05 Diamond Kings auto/jersey/bat cubs 38/100
    Nolan Ryan 98 Donruss SIg. Auto 680/1000 bv 80
    Brandon Webb 05 Diamond Kings auto/jersey/bat 5/5
    Dontrelle WIllis 04 Skybox auto 168/225
    Brandon Webb 04 Flair autograph 97/122
    Brandon Szymanski 05 Topps Chrome auto refractor 67/500
    Tony Giarratano 05 Topps Chrome auto Tigers
    03 Leaf Kevin Mench auto
    03 Leaf Josh Bard auto
    03 Studio Kevin Mench auto 75/200
    93 Brooks Robinson auto Ted WIlliams
    Darryl Strawberry Donruss Recollection auto 18/71
    03 Absolute Brett Myers auto/jersey
    04 Topps Encased Ron Kittle autograph
    04 Skybox Rocco Baldelli auto 227/255
    03 Avant Brooks Robinson auto 59/300
    04 Topps Chrome Tyler Pelland auto
    04 Topps Chrome Michael Rogers auto
    04 Pro sigs Miguel Cairo auto
    04 Prosigs Damian Rolls auto
    04 Fleer Classic Clippings Scott Podsednik autograph 36/99
    05 GK Adrian Gonzalex auto 57/100
    05 UD Pros Prospects Miguel Cabrera auto
    05 Diamond Kings Nick Johson auto/bat/bat 15/50
    Shigetoshi Hasegawa 04 Leaf certified auto 18/250
    Joe Rudi 03 Topps encased autograph
    Ron Swoboda 04 Topps encased autograph
    Rich Harden/Merkin Valdez 05 reflections dual autographs

    Game Used
    Garrett Anderson 04 Leaf Certified bat/jersey 137/250
    Jeff Baker 04 Leaf Certified bat 7/25
    Hank Blaylock 04 Topps Chrome jersey
    Rod Carew 04 Leaf Certified jersey 55/79
    Gary Carter 05 Diamond Kings HOF jersey/bat
    Roger Clemens 02 UD Diamond Connection 2 color jersey
    Cecil Cooper 03 Sweet Spot Classics jersey
    David Eckstein 05 Topps all star jersey
    Bob Gibson 05 Fleer Great jersey
    Rickey Henderson 04 Honors jersey 27/250
    Reggie Jackson 02 Triple Crown bat
    Geoff Jenkins 05 Prestige jersey
    Geoff Jenkis 04 Bazooka jersey
    Randy Johnson 04 Fleer jersey
    Andruw Jones 04 Timelines prime jersey 34/125
    Andruw Jones 03 Flair bat 293/500
    ANdruw Jones 05 Ultra jersey 82/399
    Chipper Jones 03 Flair jersey
    Chipper Jones 05 Ultra bat 103/399
    Derek Lee 05 Topps all-star base 709/1000
    Kaz Matsui 05 Prestige jersey
    Paul Molitor 03 Topps Tribute bat
    Paul Molitor 03 Donruss Classics bat 184/325
    Paul Molitor 05 Don. Classics jersey/bat 34/50
    Paul Molitor 01 SP authentic jersey
    Paul Molitor 04 Studio bat 78/100
    Pau; Molitor 05 Leaf Certified jersey 7/50
    Pau; Molitor 03 Topps Tribute bat
    Paul Molitor 05 Donruss Classics bat 2/50
    Paul Molitor 04 Topps Tribute jersey
    Paul Molitor 05 Sweet Spot Classics jersey
    Paul Molitor 05 Prime Patches helmet/bat/jersey/shoe 52/150
    Manny Ramirez 03 Focus jersey
    Brooks Robinson 04 Topps Tribute jersey
    Brooks Robinson 03 Fleer Bat 53/150
    Brooks Robinson 05 UD classics jersey
    Ivan Rodriguez 05 Topps all-star base 240/1000
    Ben Sheets 02 Leaf Certified jersey 83/101
    Ben Sheets 04 Reflections jersey
    Ben SHeets 04 Hot Prospects Patch 7/10
    Ben Sheets 05 Elite bat 170/250
    Ben Sheets 04 Studio jersey 294/300
    Ben Sheets 05 DOnruss Elite bat 170/250
    Rickie Weeks 04 Sweet SPot jersey
    Dave Winfield 04 Leaf Certified jersey 40/100
    Kerry Wood 03 Topps jersey
    Kerry WOod 05 UD jersey
    Kerry Wood 05 Authentix jersey
    Robin Yount 01 EX Piece of Wall
    Robin Yount 02 Timelines jersey 30/78
    Robin Yount 03 Timeless Treasures bat 18/100
    Robin Yount 03 Sweet Spot Classics jersey
    Robin Yount 03 Leaf Certified jersey 20/100
    Robin Yount 01 UD Legends jersey
    Robin Yount 02 Fleer Classic Cuts bat
    Robin Yount 01 UD Cooperstown collection bat
    Robin Yount 05 UD Artifacts jersey 271/325
    Robin Yount 02 Sweet Spot jersey
    Josh Beckett 04 UD Super PAtch
    Willie Stargell 04 Topps jersey
    Kerry Wood 04 Pristine jersey
    Don Sutton 05 UD Classic Moments jersey
    Curt Schilling 05 UD jersey
    Pedro Martinez 05 Topps Pack Wars jersey
    Kirk Gibson 02 Topps Tributte bat
    Gary Scheffield 04 Pristine bat
    Javy Lopez 04 Topps jersey
    Billy Wagner 04 Topps cont. jersey
    Josh Beckett 05 Zeneith bat
    David Wright 05 UD gold jersey 22/75
    Adam Dunn/Shawn Green 05 Leather Lumber dual jersey 23/100
    Gary Sheffield 05 Topps Pack wars bat
    Alfonso Soriano 05 Diamond Kings jersey 7/50
    Pedro Martinez 04 Leaf jersey
    Pedro Martinez 04 Throwbacks jersey 217/250
    Ivan Rodriguez 04 Bowman Sterling bat 46/199
    Rickey Henderson 04 Topps cont. jersey
    Vlad Guerrero 05 Topps jersey
    Vlad Guerrero 04 Bowman STerling bat
    Reggie Jackson 04 Topps Cont. jersey
    Eddie Murray 05 Fleer Great jersey
    Eddie Murray 01 Fleer Platinum 2 color jersey
    George Brett 01 Stadium bat
    Drew Henson 02 Leaf Certified bat 422/500
    Todd Helton 04 Absolute jersey/bat 158/250
    Curt Schilling 04 Absolute jersey/jersey 101/150
    Bob Gibson 04 Leaf Certified jersey 136/250
    Mark Prior 05 Zeneith bat

    Eric Patterson (grey) #USA35 2004
    Jeff Clement (grey) #USA10 2004
    Mark Romanczuk (grey) #USA9 2004
    Justin Orenduff (white) #USA1 2004
    Brad Sullivan (grey) #NP-BS 2003
    Rod Carew (red) 05 Throwback Threads Throwback Collection SN# 219/250 #TC-29
    Randy Johnson (bat) 05 Playoff Prestige Stars of M.L.B. SN# 062/100 #MLB-1
    Ramon Tony Pena (auto) 05 Donruss Studio Auto Parallel #18
    John Smoltz (grey) 04 Topps Chrome Fashionably Great #FGR-JS
    Rafael Palmeiro (grey) 05 Fleer National Pastime Grand Old Gamers #GOG-RP
    Keith Foulke (red) 05 UD All-Star Classics Midsummer Swatches #MS-KF
    Pedro Martinez (white) 04 Skybox LE Jersey SN# 039/299
    Pedro Martinez (white) 04 Playoff Prestige Players Collection #PC-69
    Fred McGriff (red) 02 UD NL All-Star Swatches #ASN-FM
    C.C. Sabathia (grey) 05 Playoff Prestige MLB Game-Worn Jersey Collection #16
    Brad Ausmus (white) 01 Private Stock Jersey #66
    Josh Beckett (white) 04 Fleer National Pastime History in the Making #HM-JB
    Charles Johnson (white w/stripe) / Cliff Floyd (white w/stripe) 05 Absolute Memorabilia Team Tandems SN# 108/125 #TT-34
    Jeff Bagwell (grey) 04 Skybox LE Jersey SN# 067/299 #25
    Jeff Bagwell (white) 05 Throwback Threads Parallel SN# 162/250 #5
    Josh Karp (auto) 05 Donruss Studio #297
    Jason Frasor (auto) 05 UD Pros & Prospects Signs of Stardom #JF
    Joe Carter (white) 05 UD Classics Classic Moments #CM-CA
    Davey Lopes (blue) 05 UD Classic Classic Materials #MA-DL
    Rick Roberts (grey) 04 UD All Star Lineup Future Gems #FG-RR
    Tori Hunter (bat) 05 Throwbacks Threads GU SN# 051/250 #48
    Joe Horgan (auto/white w stripe) 04 SPX SPXCITING Rookies SN# 690/799 #175
    Carlos Beltran (blue) 05 Topps Updates and Highlights All-Star Stitches #ASR-CB
    Alfonso Soriano (bat) 04 Playoff Prestige Diamond Heritage #DH-20
    Jason Giambi (grey) 05 Throwback Threads Throwback Collection SN# 230/500 #TC-18
    Mark Kotsay (white) 04 UD All Star Lineup Future Gems #FG-MK
    Eric Milton (white w/blue stripe) 04 UD All Star Lineup Future Gems #FG-EM
    Adam Eaton (white) 04 UD All Star Future Gems #FG-AE
    Kevin Mitchell (white) 05 UD Classics Classic Moments #CM-KM
    Erick Threets (auto) 05 Donruss Studio Auto Parallel #240
    Adrian Beltre (grey) 05 Throwbacks Threads Jersey SN# 096/250 #190
    Ramon nivar (grey) 04 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror White SN# 129/200 #195
    Rafael Palmeiro (grey) 04 Topps Chrome Chrome-Town Heroes #CHR-RP

    Justin Verlander (white) #USA5 200
    Chipper Jones (white) 04 Fleer Authentix Jersey Ripped #JA-CJ
    Chipper Jones (bat) 04 Leaf 2nd Edition Picture Perfect #PP-6
    Chipper Jones (grey) 04 UD Vintage Stellar Stat Men #SSM-12
    Andruw Jones (grey)/Chipper Jones (none) 05 Fleer Flair Diamond Cuts #DC-AJ
    Eddie Murray (white) 05 Fleer Classic Clippings Cut of History #CH-EM
    David Ortiz (grey) 05 Throwback Threads Throwback Collection SN# 117/500 #TC-60
    Pedro Martinez (grey) 04 Topps Chrome Fashionably Great #FGR-PM
    Nomar Garciaparra (white) 04 Leaf Players Collection #PC-65
    Manny Ramirez (white) 04 Fleer Showcase Grace #SG-MR
    Mark Prior (grey) 04 Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best SN# 144/150 #BB/MP
    Corey Patterson (white w/ blue stripe) 04 Donruss Studio Game Say Souvenirs SN# 060/250 #GD-17
    Corey Patterson (bat) 02 Bowman Relics #BR-CP
    Kazuhito Tadano (auto) 05 UD Pros & Prospects Signs of Stardom #KT
    Miguel Cabrera (black) 05 UD MVP Jersey #GU-MC
    Randy Messenger (auto) 05 Donruss Studio Auto Parallel #126
    Lance Berkman (white) 05 UD ESPN Sportscenter Swatches #GU-LB
    Lance Berkman (grey) 04 Donruss Timber and Threads #TT-12
    Lance Berkman (bat) 05 Leather and Lumber Parallel SN# 250/250 #85
    Carlos Beltran (white) 04 Donruss Timber and Threads #TT-6
    Carlos Delgado (grey) 05 Throwback Threads Throwback Collection SN# 119/150 #TC-23
    Paul Lo Duca (white) 04 Playoff Prestige Players Collection SN# 09/50 #PC-68
    Paul Molitor (white) 05 UD Classics League Leaders #LL-PM
    Mike Piazza (black) 05 Fleer Platinum Diamond Dominators #DD/MP
    Kazuo Matsui (white) 05 Playoff Prestige MLB Game-Worn Jersey Collection #2
    Jim Thome (bat) 05 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes #DT/JT
    Jon Knott (auto) 04 Bowman Chrome Auto rookie card #350
    Sean Burroughs (auto) 05 UD Pros & Prospects #SB
    Freddy Garcia (white) 04 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror blue SN# 009/100 #64
    Willie Bloomquist (auto) 04 UD Pro Sigs Auto #239
    Hank Blalock (grey) w/Ordonez and Glaus (non GU) 04 Fleer Classic Clippings All Star Lineup #ASL-HB

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    I like these:
    David Wright 05 UD gold jersey 22/75
    Vlad Guerrero 05 Topps jersey
    Vlad Guerrero 04 Bowman Sterling bat

    Please check my site. I know I have an Aaron Rodgers jersey on there, and a Brooks Robinson jersey, among other things.


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    I like this one... Let me know if your interested in something on my list.

    Nolan Ryan
    02 UD Piece of History jersey

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    andrew I can use the aaron rodgers, also if you find anything else the ditka auto. let me know what sounds fair. thanks

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    the ditka auto is gone. check the site in my sig, not my tradelist - that one is much more updated. Let me know if there is anything else in addition to the Rodgers.

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    ok these are ones I like no idea on bvbut I am guessing you would need to pick something else from me
    rodgers jersey
    elway/marino jersey

    possibly these if you find more
    moon auto
    devin harris auto

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    The Rodgers books for $20
    The Elway/Marino is $50
    The Moon is still pending, actually.
    The Devin Harris books for $80.

    If the David Wright is from UD Pros and Prospects, then it is $25. I will check on the Vlads. I like the Ryan auto also and maybe one of the Cabreras.
    I'll let you know on the VLads in a few minutes.

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    The Vlad Sterling is $10
    The Vlad Topps is $10 if it is "Topps All Star Relics"
    I also like 05 UD Pros Prospects Miguel Cabrera auto BV $25

    In total, I like those, plus the David Wright $25 and the Nolan Ryan auto $80.
    Total = $150

    The cards you liked:
    Devin Harris $80
    Rodgers $20
    Marino/Elway $50.
    Total $150.

    If that works, post it and I will confirm. If not, lmk, and we can see what else we can work out.


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    I like these:

    Alex Rodriguez
    02 Genuine hat656/670

    Deion Sanders
    04 ex auto/jersey

    03 Avant Brooks Robinson auto 59/300

    Please check my View my trade list


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    I need to take the harris out, I didnt realize he was so much. I just wanted him cause he was a badger but I dont need an 80 card of him. let me know how this changes things, thanks

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