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    Any one want to trade for this before i send it off>?

    2005 Leaf Limited Tatum Bell Auto Patch i believe its /26. Its a redemption card and it says for card #87 if someone can check for me but i believe its tatum bell. Would be lookin for any decent autos/patches or auto jerseys or patches. I like buccaneers and fans of the game autos. Also like any good stars auto or patches and love mulitcolored. HELP ME GET MY COLLECTION GOING. Let me know guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyShyts
    Intrested in it lmk...
    Got any buccaneers? or you willin to buy it at all? What is that melo ultimate collection is it a base or is it a auto?

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    Do you got any way of finding out what its /of? and if its bell.. On the redemption it says 05 Leaf Limited card number 87 and it says autograph memoribillia. Im not sure if it has a bv im jut fielding offers. But if i dont get a good offer im gonna send it off and see what it looks like.

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    Shino- no thanks the bell is worth a lot more than that to me, thanks tho.

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    Bad news, bud - it's not Tatum Bell; it's Matt Hasselbeck.

    Ok, so maybe Hasselbeck's not THAT bad - especially if Seattle does well in the playoffs - but I'd rather have the Bell, personally...

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    Whoops! Scratch that... I did a little further research - does the number say it's LT87? If that's the case, the diagnosis is MUCH better... it's Terrell Davis!

    I'd be interested in it - take a look at my trade page, and let me know if anything interests you; thanks!

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