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    trading for your useless game used or autos

    Alright, i've done this once before and it worked pretty well. I am looking to pick up some inexpensive game used or autos. Its up to you what i get, it can be worth as little as $5 or if you got some $10-$15 ones layin around you dont want i'll gladly take those too. All i ask is that they are from regular sets that you could look up in a beckett. Also they need to be in good condition. What i will give you in return is this:

    a 100 card lot consisting of:
    5 Inserts (mostly star players)
    45 Miscellaneous Star/Semi-Star Base Cards
    50 Commons

    most of these cards are from 2002-2005. a few may be from 98-2002, nothing earlier than that though.

    to be fair to everyone i am not going to give you 20 cards of one player otherwise i'll have none left for anyone else, so i will give you 1 or 2 of each player. this will include star players like Vick, favre, manning, tomlinson and many more. I will cover the cost of shipping. If you want more than 3 lots i may ask to either split the cost of shipping or throw in an extra card to cover it. thanks for looking

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    SCF rules state that all cards for trade must be listed. No random lots for trade or sell.

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