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    Some VERY nice vintage maybe FT

    I decited to bring some cards out of my PC, some of these will be VVVHTG from me, others wont.

    1952 topps
    #91 Al Schoendienst
    #122 Jackie Jensen

    1953 topps
    #61 Early Wynn, JR
    #76 Pee Wee Reese VHTG
    #114 Phil Rizzuto

    1955 bowman
    #1 Hoyt Wilhelm
    #23 Al Kaline
    #59 Whitey Ford
    #158 Gil Hodges

    1956 Topps
    #11 Chicago Cubs team card
    #20 Al Kaline
    #100 Balt. Orioles team
    #118 Nellie Fox HTG
    #134 St. Louis Cards. Team card
    #164 Harmon Killebrew (2)
    #187 Early Wynn
    #235 Don Newcombe
    #292 Louis Aparicio RC!!!!!!!!! (this one will be almost impossible to get from me)
    #307 Hoyt Wilhelm

    1957 topps
    #38 Nellie Fox

    lmk, thanks
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  2. Kronozio
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    some more that might be of intrest:

    1939 play ball #7 Robert Doerr
    1952 bowman #100 Sibby Sisti
    1953 topps #152 Hoyt Wilhelm
    1955 topps #31 Warren Spahn
    1955 bowman #37 Pee Wee Reese
    1957 topps #170 Duke Snider
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    I'd be interested in the Doerr Play ball but I don't really have any comparable vintage that i'd be willing to trade... Would you be willing to sell it? And if so what sorta condition is it in?

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    if it is sopposed to be small then it is in amazing condition for being that old, corners are great, it is a bit o/c but everything else is great, scan is on my photobucket, I could use some nice trade bait, have any high end stuff? I could sell too...

    I accutally might get it graded if you dont take it.
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    Wow. Very nice condition... It does worry me a little bit that it might be a reprint though (don't often see playbals with that little edge and corner wear).. Do you have a scan of the back? (note: I'm no expert on playballs though, I usually collect eary 1900s Tobbacco cards)

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    ill get a scan of back in a sec

    scan is up, not that great of a scan, lmk though

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    Great thanks, actually, if you were planning to get it graded anyway I would be more interested in trading/buying it after it was graded. (also i'd suggest SGC for grading, they're great with vintage cards. I send all my Tobbacco issues too them).

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    plz check my site for any gu/autos that you might be interested in trading your vintage stuff for

    collecting 2003 fleer platinum nameplates, Pre-67 Vintage in NM or better condition and whatever random stuff I can find in your bucket!

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    dan- didnt really see anything, only really looking for football g/u or vintage

    darkshadow- did you see the scan? what do you think?

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    Hey, looks authentic to me (I compared it with some graded 39 playballs). I'd be interested, I don't really have anything that high end right now so i'd prob. be buying (check my trade list anyway to see if we could work out a package deal). Anyway, assuming you see nothing on my trade list how much in $ delivered would you be looking for?

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