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    Anyone want to trade a Melo auto for a McNabb???

    Heres what Ive got, really want to get another melo auto,
    2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Sweet Spot Signatures Donovan McNabb (061/100)

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    bv is 80, i can attempt to scan it, im not sure if my scaner will work, please send scans of cards you have to offer to with scan in the subject and I will send you a reply with the mcnabb scan. thanks guys

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    are u interested in melo emeralds /15 (not auto)


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    Hey, I have an 03/04 Fleer (authentix?? I think) Melo Auto,
    I would probably trade. The only problem is I won't be home until next week, but if you're interested keep me in mind, cause I like the Sweet Spot Helmet auto's and could use the Mcnabb.

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    no one has claimed it yet, so pm me when you can send a scan...

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