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    If i want them in my collection, and its on a premium item, i'll drop the cash. Simple as that. I take pride in my collection. IP is a blast, but i'm willing to pay for the sitdown sig. The time it takes to write some story to have a card or index card ( never understand that one) signed, i could have rolled up, parked, and knocked it out. There's no shame in dropping 500 in total cost for that Peyton helmet in my avatar. None at all. Same goes for waiting outside the hotel at 2 a.m. for Kobe. I would do both all over again.

    Honestly, i don't judge one's collection. I could care less if everything in someone's collection is off ebay. It doesn't matter one iota. Judging another's hobby is weak sauce.
    A jersey without ink is just another pretty T shirt.

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    Good Topic! for me it depends on the Player and item as i collect ticket stubs and programs and like to get them signed... for tickets its either MVPS (world series, super bowl, NBA Finals, NHL Stanley cup) 500 home runs and other Milestone tickets and my programs i try to get signed by the players invovled either all star programs, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup, world Series. and yea as most have stated its how much PATIENCE you have remember Patience is a Vurtue which not many people have. for these types of items i would not have any problem paying probably a max of $100 at show For in person, if its someone selling at a flea market or online and its for a Minor leaguer, Current major leaguer (non Superstar) or Retired Vet (again non superstar) for a card $5 for a Photo $15-$20 Ball $30 Right now this is a Hobby for me and always will be again but in the back of my mine it an investment for my kids when i die or myself when i retire as The things i get signed are Odd/Rare not the normal things like index cards, balls, cards, or photos which the market is flooded with... there are not many ticket stubs signed by players that were world series MVPS or Players that had a Milestone like 500 or 600 home runs, No Hitters, perfect games i would hope my kids/grandkids would keep them and appreciate them but in 35 years if i havent sold my collection by then and if they want to sell them i would hope they are RARE enough to Bring a Nice profit for them at least more then i spent on them which is mostly on gas (as i get 85% of my items signed in person) and the actual item signed. Some Signed Items From my personal collection That i uptain in person Over Many Years (again Patience is the Key) is a Dennis Martinez Perfect game ticket , Tom Browning Perfect Game ticket, about 14 World Series Tickets Signed By The MVP's (my best would be My 1960 WS ticket signed by Bobby Richardson only WS MVP From the Losing Team this will never happen again in the history of baseball i think they wrote a rule about that the next year) Big Macs 500th Home Run Ticket i hope to add may more in the years to come and the best thing is i scan all my tickets i get signed and i can pull it up on my phone or lap top and i have an IP story for each one
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    Quote Originally Posted by jyosi View Post
    I won't pay for a signing to meet a player, but I do spend some money on certified pieces.

    To answer the question of most I've ever paid, it was $320 for a Ken Griffey Jr. UDA Mariners jersey. Second most was $250 for a Griffey Jr. UDA Mariners batting helmet. Griffey is the only player I will shell out the cash for. He was the greatest player that I grew up watching (the only person you could argue was better was Barry Bonds), the UDA certificates are 100% legit, and I am not going to be getting Griffey in person ever and even if I did how much would an Authentic Collection Griffey Mariners jersey made by Russell circa 1997 cost me to purchase blank to get signed? Then if I do find that jersey and the stars align and Griffey is signing in front of me I still have to pray that he switches to a silver paint pen and the thing works perfectly.

    Anyway, I digress.

    Cliff's Notes: $320 for a UDA Griffey Jr. Mariners jersey.

    Man I agree with Griffey jr is probably th best player growing up and watching in the 90's

    When I was 10, I went to a paid Griffey jr signing in Anaheim, ca in August of 1990, and I wish I could pay this much for all in person signings but I paid a grand total of $9. He signed an upper deck rookie card, I remember his dad was signing at the same shoe for $15.

    But in response to the most I've ever paid for an ip auto or any kind was $144 for magic Johnson to sign a Mitchell & ness jersey 139 and 5 for certification.

    The most I would pay for an auto (and it would only be on my dodger poster,69 autos) I would shell out whatever it would take to get sandy Koufax to auto that,and I would maybe pay 100-200$ to get dodger hof broadcaster vin sculls to sign it ( had seen an ip signing for scully in 2011 but they wanted 300, it was like a dinner/meet and greet) and it was too much in my opinion at the time.

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    My wife bought us a a gift for our new home which was a Joe Di Maggio signed photo from Steiner. I won't announce hos much it was but it was in the middle of three figures. Funny thing is, if I bought something like that I would have lost my head. She does it and she is the greatest wife ever. LOL.
    I collect NY Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers, NY Knicks, and NJ Nets. I am willing to trade. PM me if you have any cards signed by players from these teams.

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    I do a lot of TTMs and do not get the opportunity to go to games so most of my autographs are free and some I've bought on SCF. The most I've spent on a autograph to date is a Jeremy Hellickson signed baseball for 12 dollars. My collection has just started so inventory is slim. I am in the process of adding to it.

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    I think I've paid $75 for a tough and deceased NFL HOF'er (cert) I needed.

    The most I'll ever spend is however much it takes to get a Jordan auto someday.

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    i paid $125 for a steve yzerman auto on my poster i needed..i will also pay if the fees are going to charity..i paid $100 for martin lapoint,kirt maltby,larry murphy,kris draper joe kocur and slava koslov (mispelled i know)..i guess it depends on who and what u collect..back in the eraly 90's when i was in my teens i busted my butt for a signing canseco was doing in ny..i think it was 60..but its one of my fav sigs in my collection..

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    Last month at a local sporting store stood 6 hours in line and spent $225 to have Gordie Howe auto a money I ever spent.

    To be able to meet, talk to (very briefly unfortunately), shake hands with, and get an auto of Mr. Hockey its worth every penny of the $225 signing fee for that event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDMC View Post
    Last month at a local sporting store stood 6 hours in line and spent $225 to have Gordie Howe auto a money I ever spent.

    To be able to meet, talk to (very briefly unfortunately), shake hands with, and get an auto of Mr. Hockey its worth every penny of the $225 signing fee for that event.
    Dang what store was that? There was a small sports shop in PA that had him last month and with auto and a photo op. it was only $99.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DnMcnabb5 View Post
    Dang what store was that? There was a small sports shop in PA that had him last month and with auto and a photo op. it was only $99.
    Just your basic LCS, They had Gordie signing for a total of an hour so they had people lining up well before the store opened. Wish he was signing longer would have loved to got to talk to him longer.

    8x10's were $99 but anything else like a puck or jersey or stick (premium items) were $225.

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