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Thread: RIP Leftyshan

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    RIP Leftyshan

    Long time SCFer, and one of the original members of this forum when it first started, Rob Shannon passed away the other day. Leftyshan, as you may know him, lost his long fought battle with cancer.

    I didn't really know Rob, just from my dealings and discussions in past years on here. He found me on Facebook maybe about a year ago though and I've kept up with his story. I hadn't seen anything posted from him in a few days, so I feared the worst. I visited his Facebook page this morning and saw my suspicions were true.

    He always seemed like a quality guy. We had great discussions and arguments on this board over the years and even did several trades. He had over 650 trades on here and over 7100 posts, so I'm sure a lot of you had past dealings with him also. Although it is definitely a sad time, I know cancer had really been taking a tool on his body and there's some solace to know that he is now pain free and at peace.

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    =[ RIP Rob Shannon

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    I remember Rob, I had a ton of deals with him when I was just a wee newbie. RIP bud.

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    Wow I'm still in shock after reading is like a punch to the gut. Very sad news.

    We both joined the site near the beginning and he was a great guy on here. We made several deals together and he along with others made this site a great place to hang out at. He recently came back to SCF after a long absence and I was glad to see him posting around here again. I had no idea that he was battling cancer but he died way too young.

    Thanks for posting this is on here to let us know though.
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    Rip rob!!

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    Awful news, RIP Rob. Always a positive influence on the boards.
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    Oh wow this is horrible news. I know Rob from way back when I first started here as well. Awesome guy.

    R.I.P Rob xx
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