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Thread: looking for autos

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    looking for autos

    right now im looking for autos of the following:
    Glenn Robinson
    Kwame Brown
    Yao Ming
    Dwight Howard

    Looking to trade my baseball for them.

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    I have a Kwame Brown auto...

    03-04 Flair Final Edition Autograph Collection #ed 19/100

    Also I know its not an auto but pulled this the other day if you are a Kwame collector.

    05-06 SPGU Patch 3 color #ed 19/75 Kwame Brown

    Let me know if you need either.


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    ya i want the auto--see if theres anything on my baseball list u want

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    2003-04 Fleer Platinum Inscribed GA1 Gilbert Arenas/315

    I like this one. Its $3 bv in my favor though, I can throw in the patch to even it out. My auto & my patch for your GA1?

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    hmm thats one id really not liketo trade--did u not see anything in basbeall--plus i have a kyle orton auto if u collect football

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    mcyokeeper-you get one thread "bump" in the AM and one in the PM. Its not necessary to post three times in a row in three hours. Other members have trade topics to be seen as well.

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    I have these:
    Brown, Kwame 2004-5 Fleer Authentix Auto Authentix #AA-KB 16/50 20.00
    Brown, Kwame 2004-5 Fleer Showcase Signature Showcase #SGA-KB 132/150 15.00

    I would trade them to you for your D. Navarro Bowman Chrome Autograph LMK Thanks Manny

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