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Thread: Opinions on 2005 Pristine???

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    Opinions on 2005 Pristine???

    thinkin about buying a couple boxes of 2005 topps pristine hobby. i like that they have two autos per box now instead of 1, but what does anyone else think about the product? thanks for your time, Tom

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    I like the nice clean design. Not really had any luck other than the Ronnie Brown Rare GU I pulled. I read in the recent beckett that its condition sensitive. Keep that in mind when buying.

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    Just opened a box this morning

    pulled 1of1 cyan plate fabian washington
    auto channing crowder#1500 auto Deanda cobb #1500

    ahman green jersey #500 ronnie brown jersey #900

    braylon edwards jersey #500 mark bradley jersey #1000 kyle orton jersey #1000

    tom brady uncoomon selaed jersey #100

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    I've opened individual packs, and I'm happy.

    Yes, there are 2 autos on average per box. My pulls so far: Roscoe Parrish and Damien Nash. Eh.

    But I like the value per pack, especially for football. I have pulled 5 "common" rookies out of packs, 2 uncirculated RCs and an RC jersey (Alex Smith). From my experience, if you like pulling rookies it's nice. Doesn't beat last year's rookie crop, but it may be a while before that happens again.

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    I bought a box (the full 5 mini-box box) and got nothing but a bunch of crap. In fact, most of hte breaks I've read have yeilded nothing but a bunch of crap. No name rookie autos #'d to 1500...blah. I'm not a fan. I would spend the money on Sweet Spot or wait until next week and get Sp Authentic or Contenders if I were you.

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    I have to agree with eastslastheart on this one...Pistine is worthless. Instead of buying a box of those, you're just as well off buying a box of SP Authentic. (I'm not really sure what the boxes sell for though). Two autos and a few GU'd isn't worth the money. Besides, SP Authentic is the best card brand in my opinion next to SPX.

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