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    Will trade cards for NBA poker chips

    I will trade cards for NBA Topps Poker chips. If you can buy a box I will trade in your favor. Have basketball and football to trade.

  2. Kronozio
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    Hey, I have boughten 3 boxes of these chips, so I have a lot. I think they're pretty cool, But I need this:
    05-06 Bowman "Skill Nation Dunking" #SN-DW of Dewyane Wade
    Is ther any specific chips you are looking for

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    would love to get some more #ed rc's, or rc's or blue or red's or any #ed one. doesn't have to be a specific player unless there is a Jordan in the set. make an offer or pm with a list, or I can pm you the list of what I already have.

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    I got a bunch in, still have 17 left. Got the Marvin Williams Green RC chip, Dirk, Vince, Pierce, KMart, Bosh, Frazier #'d, Jerfferson #'d......and a bunch of others. LMK if your interested. i can them all and Im interested in these 2 GU

    04-05 Fleer Throwbacks "Defining Authentic" #DA-Ca of Carmelo Anthony.
    04-05 Fleer Authentix "Jersey Authentix" #JA-CA of Carmelo Anthony #094/150.

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    ozflava - very interested pm me a list. I at least want the #ed ones and the rc's. thanks for the replies.

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