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Thread: cards i want

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    cards i want

    im looking for some lebron Gu, RC--Bulls GU and autos, Pacers GU, RC, and autos---also curious if anyone has unopened boxes to trade--looking to unload my baseball

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    I still have the O Neal 2 color. I could do it for the Bosh jersey and this:
    2005 Topps Pack Wars Relics CJ Chipper Jones Jsy A

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    alot of nice cards--i like the shaun livingston GU's, lebron chrome RC, gordon chrome RC, gordon auto

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    well didnt see much on ur list to trade for any of those u like but i do have this i can trade for something

    04-05 SPx Winning Combos
    jamaal tinsley/david harrison
    dual game used warm-up's


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