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Thread: Looking to trade for DJ Mbenga

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    Looking to trade for DJ Mbenga

    Looking for any cards
    please list them and i will have a site ready buy tonight

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    well specific players i collect JR smith and Matt jones(jaguars), but if you have a list i can look at im sure ill find something.

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    id trade it for the dwight howard JSY or the channing frye chrome. lmk

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    nah its not worth it even though thoughs cards are low end they are on the rising and mbenga isnt that good so i would need more than just that card

    the howard books at 20
    and frye will be around 10 and going up

    the mbenga only books 6-8

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    jarret- i seem to have overlooked your dirk g/u cards, i actually like those more than the ones i listed before. i especially like the pristine borders card. lmk if we can work something out, i could add cash if necessary too. lmk

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    okay how much could u add

    do u want all the dirks or just the pristine

    i still ned the mbenga though

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    jarret- im just lookin to trade the mbenga+ a little cash for the dirk pristine or th howard jsy. lmk

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