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Thread: 3 boxes of NBA Poker chips

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    3 boxes of NBA Poker chips

    Bought 3 boxes today. Have some doubles. Looking for trade for more chips and will trade cards towards them. Have a list of mine if interested in trading email me at

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    poker chips

    i wanna ask some questions about your offer, if you dont mind
    first, where did you but this poker chips
    how much do they weight
    what are they made from?
    can i see pictures of them somewhere?

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    I still got all the ones that where on the list that you wanted except the 5 I traded to you already. Did you get any Wade Chips in those 3 boxes.

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    wayneclabaugh2- pulled a Green Wade and a Blue Wade. would consider trade but probably woudl have to be in my favor. looking for more Wades to trade ya.

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    hey did you get any of desmond mason?
    Collecting Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin in that order.
    my bucket
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    kotsba - Product is 2005-06 Topps NBA Collector Chips available in packs or boxes.
    I bought 1 box off ebay $12.27 and 2 boxes at Walmart $9.97 each.
    go to and check out product line and you can see pics.
    They are pretty heavy duty 11.5 grams. Got me what they are made of look just like some of the nice clay chips I used in Vegas.

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    that's fine if trade is in your favor. I need that green Wade.

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    wayneclabaugh2 - pm sent.

    BravesFan4Life - Red Retired Legends Oscar Robertson Bucks

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