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    05-06 Topps Pristine Raymond Felton Printing Plate RC 1/1 for trade

    05-06 Topps Pristine Raymond Felton Printing Plate RC 1/1 for trade

    Magenta Uncommon Plate #d 1/1, with topps 1/1 authentcation sticker. If your interested leave me a list or a link to your tradepage.

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    mcyokeeper - i looked but didnt see anything i could use sorry buddy

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    2001 Derek Jeter Fleer Platinum Prime Numbers PATCH (how many colors)
    i like that and the o'neal auto jersey

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    id be interested. trade value on the felton?
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    Hey man, thought about it, and maybe I can trade for it. Lemme know what ya like. Also, I got the Humphries auto in today, so we can do the Chad Johnson auto deal. Thanks, just pm me later.

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    grenbeans- its a 2 color patch, but not just a jersey with a pinstripe, its a patch from the bottom of his number, 2 clearly different materials and colors. Both the shaq and the jeter are avilable too. LMK what you think we could work out

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    well its a 1/1 rc of the 5th pick in the draft so i have no idea as to its trade value bdrr - there is no value really as its a 1/1 and a rookie card

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    lilmess let me do some thinking and get back to you

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