Got the following cards in the mail today. All are for trade for any Stefan LeFors & Julius Peppers I need. For a checklist of all the other cards I have for trade or to see my current Julius Peppers and Stefan LeFors card collection check my site at

05 SP Legendary Cuts 'Classic Careers Jersey' Bob Horner
05 Topps 'All-Star Stitches Jersey' Moises Alou

05 Leaf Certified Materials 'Mirror Red Jersey' DeShaun Foster (#100/100)
05 Leaf Certified Materials 'Mirror White Autograph' TA McClendon RC (#60/100)
05 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia 'Rookie Jersey Collection' Carlos Rogers RC

05 Topps Pristine Common Base
Fabian Washington
Jerome Mathis
Ryan Moats
Alvin Pearman
Craig Bragg
Odell Thurman
Terrence Murphy
Chad Owens
Adrian McPherson
Brandon Jacobs
David Greene
Roddy White
Andrew Walter
Chris Henry
Eric Shelton
Charlie Frye
Cedric Benson
DeMarcus Ware
Matt Jones

PLMK any offers