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Thread: My Outlook (2003 Products)

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    My Outlook (2003 Products)

    Well, I figure since I have the time and since I've bought a good lil' bit of 2003 products I could give some insite. Hopefully you all enjoy!

    2003 Donruss Classics
    Well after only buying one pack (so far... ;)) I'd say overall the product is swell. I enjoy the base sets look, as well as the legends sub-set (#ed/1000). The product itself can be pricey, but if you have the money then I'd take a chance at it. I might again, not sure.

    2003 Donruss Elite
    This is the set I'm stuck on. I've bought about half a box so far and have gotten' some pretty nice pulls, including my Jim Thorpe GU/250 which is on eBay. But I love the Elite's look. As I do almost every year. Elite is a top-notch product and if your shop has this availible... I'd pick up some packs! I know I'll get some more packs of this product.

    2003 Fleer Authentix
    I'm not to thrilled on the RC's from this set. You can pull out a little slip in the middle of the card and you can "upgrade" the RC's with "Booster Ticket's" inserted randomly into packs. But in about 6 packs of this product I pulled 2 Ticket Stud Inserts, 2 RC'2/1850 (I believe that's their Print Run), and a Balcony parallel #ed/250 of Marc Bulger. I like the base sets look and how they make each card look like a ticket. You can even see little "indentions" along the bottom of the cards as to where you'd rip the ticket's bottom off. It's pretty neat.

    2003 Playoff Prestige
    I haven't picked any of this up yet, I don't think my shop ever got any. But I do have Cobourne's RC from the set. I wish I coudl say it's a really nice set but I don't care for the look of it myself. But compared to some 02 Prestige I bought I think Playoff is on its way to finding a nice layout for their Prestige line. Until that year coem though... I'd keep my money in my pocket if the only packs to by were 03 Prestige. If ya catch my drift.. ;)

    2003 Press Pass Products
    Bluh! Even though Press Pass has many Avon's out this year I have never really cared for the product. Being a collengiate set and not really having and true RC's is kinda boring. It's just like College football cards. You don't even knwo what team they're on since it's released pre-draft. I say Boo to Press Pass!

    2003 SAGE Products
    I could copy/paste what I just wrote about Press Pass, but I'd rather just go out and say I don't care for SAGE products either. You either have the $10/pack packs with an auto in every pack or the $3-$5 packs where you only get something if you... are John Smith. (The Dead Zone) That might not make since unless you have seen the show/movie or read the book. Actually... if you're going to go to the shop to buy some SAGE or Press Pass I suggest keeping your money, going to Barnes & Nobles, and buying the book(The Dead Zone). It's by Stephen King, the Master of horror!

    2003 Topps
    Haven't bought any of this yet. But my buddy Bobby has. I like the look, as I do every year with Topps. That don't make their cards too shiny, too dull, too boring, too exciting. They're just typical run-of-the-mill looking cards. The rookies look the same as the base set, cept for where it says Rookie of course. I guess it's simple too say you can't go wrong with basic Topps. I mean it's rare that you'll pull an Auto or GU, btu when you do... it's normally an awesome card.

    2003 Topps All American
    I like this set alot because it looks like the "Old School" Topps All American. Plus the set has 3 Cobourne Autos! I still need his double autos with... nevermind. That's another post in the making ;) But anyways the set looks like they did the set way back when cards were just something you put on your bike tire. Even though that's before my time, I still know a lil' somethin' somethin'. If you have the money I'd suggest pickin' up a pack or two of this.

    2003 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects
    I'll come straight out and say this product is either shoot and miss or you hit the jackpot. But normally.. it's shoot & miss. However their Gold Rafractors are a nice sub-set. I pulled one of them and of course it looked awesome. You can't go wrong with refractors. It alone makes the product worth buying. I'd guess you get 2-4 a box? Not sure. I like the sets look also, with the border.

    2003 Ultra
    I've got 3-4 packs of this so far. I truly... didn't like a thing about the set. It's ugly... it doesn't book well... and I just don't like it. 03 Ultra is a demon. We should burn every 2003 Ultra Football product that is out there, or they could send all the boxes to me for free. Ultra is normally sold cheap, so if it's your only option I'd go with it over SAGE & Press Pass.

    2003 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects
    This set is pretty sweet. I bought maybe a quarter of a box so far. I already pulled 1 Auto, 2 RC's/1800, 2 Inserts #ed/1700, also with this set... any card #91 or higher is a short print. So I pulled 2 of them. I like the cards look, they're not like any other set really. It's original so I guess that's why I like it. I'm attracted to new things I suppose!

    Well... I don't knwo if this will change your buying habits so far but hey, this was a fun post to type up!

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    Quality Post Mounty! Ding, Ding, Ding!

    200 CC comin your way! :D


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    lol...I thoroughly enjoyed that post Mounty!!

    I don't buy packs, I think I may have bought a total of
    30 packs in the last 2 years! I just can't spend the would rather buy my autographs by singles!

    I do have to say, this years Press Pass autographs are what made me decide to go ahead and collect Press Pass of any year!!
    99 is really ugly, I only have I really like 2003, I also like 2002 Press Pass!

    I notice you didn't have any Topps Chrome listed....are they not out yet?? I love Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, and the SP Autographs myself! They are some really sweet looking cards, even IF the only ones I own are goons...LOL

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed the early morning read!

    ~COLLECTING specific Chris Brown autos & multi color patches
    ~Collecting Chris Brown, Hakeem Nicks, Stepfan Taylor & Geno Smith Auto's, multi color patches & 1/1's

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    Great info, quality post. Always looking for insite on products and experience is always a plus. I will utilize your info for my buying pleasure.

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    I just bought a pack of 2003 Playoff Prestige and pulled a rc of BRANDON LLOYD #'d to 2003. since this set came out b4 the draft
    i dont know what team he is on but i am still pleased cuz i am so unlucky. I think it is a good pack to buy only because there are only 60 rookies and you dont get any no-names.

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    BGray ~ Thanks for the CC, I hope to livin' up this forum!

    BlackDiam0nd66 ~ Autograph Collectors huh? Auto's are just about the best thing left in the hobby to-date. It's easier/cheaper buying Auto's by themselves. Some might question the cheaper part, but if you're looking to get an auto now adays it's liek 1:180+ packs. Unless you buy a pack that's garunteed an auto of course. Not to mention PP and SAGE that have autos every... 6 packs I think? Topps Chrome isn't out yet. I believe in Septemeber it'll be here. I myself love Topps Chrome also! Hopefully this years is nicer looking then last, it had the ugliest green border. I didn't fair to well on my box though :(!

    flipjr ~ Glad to help! Let us know on all your pulls and buys! It's always fun to see someoen pull a great card, even if you want it and can't have it. Am I Right? :)

    mavirick333 ~ Nice pull out of Prestige, considering decent pulls are harder to come by each year. Lloyd is a RC WR for the 49ers. I mysef don't like Pre-Draft sets. But sometimes if you collect a certain player they're the only sets that have cards of the players people want cards of.

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