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    Policy Change: Law Enforcement in Sports Card Betting Forum

    Due to a major crackdown by the internet police and the U.S. Government, only members who are 18 and over may participate in the Sports Card Betting Forum. This is because underage betting is not allowed in the U.S. If asked, you will be expected to produce some sort of identification to prove your age.

    However, anyone may bet card cash as it carries no monetary value. The difference with sports cards is that a book value is considered monetary value by our country's lawmakers.

    Anyone caught breaking this rule will be subject to possible banning from the site!!!
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    If only it were possible to trade some years off of this old body.

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    enigma thanks for the update i think it will be better keep up the good work mods
    I will trade by bv or sv as long as I like what I'm getting


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    I think if someone lies about their age anyway to bet in the sports card forum, they should be banned on the spot. It could get this site in trouble. Plus lying about your age is a felony I believe...

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    Can people under 18 make threads in the betting forum saying that if you want to take this bet please PM me? (Remeber this is just a question not trying to cuase any trouble either)


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    Hmm, do you have the actual text of the law? It seems strange that A) they would give beckett/price guides the role of establishing value since they are not certified or backed by any part of the gov. B) It seems they need to have a grading service required to establish the card value, therefore there has to be a central organization to give the card a grade to show its monetary value based on condition/book. Iunno.. just seems to be way more complex then it sounded.

    Oh and lying about your age if ur under 18 itself isnt a felony, not in Cali anyway, but if you produce or offically put in some kind of fake documentation as well that makes it a double misd. which equals felony :icon_frow
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    Quote Originally Posted by bl bassist
    Can people under 18 make threads in the betting forum saying that if you want to take this bet please PM me? (Remeber this is just a question not trying to cuase any trouble either)

    I would have to say no because if a person that is under 18 & is using the forum's pm system to make those bets, then it's no different from using the threads. Since the purpose here is to keep SCF from being connected with underage gambling, then I'm sure the answer will be no.

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    You could just make it an 18+ forum? That should be easily programmed.

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    Never participated in the "Betting" forum and always thought the idea of "gambling" was wrong and promotes the wrong image especially when a large part of the community are underaged. I personally would have that forum removed (because that would be the responsible thing to do) OR at the very least make it a "Adults only" forum - sort of like the "Distinguished" forum - however, I'm sure enforcing it would be alot more difficult and others will just side step this and use PMs for betting as already mentioned by another member AND ultimately SCF will pay the ultimate price - definately not worth the hassle in my eyes.

    Whatever othere feel is there own opinion, but this is mines.
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