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    Good sites to download free music on

    itunes is expensive anyone know any?

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    there's a million places. but i dont think its legal to post the links on this site though... google is your friend bud.

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    If you have a smart phone, you can download Pandora or iHeart Radio....there are pretty good and they have a big selection. This are stations so the music is not going to be downloaded to your phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by *censored* View Post
    why not just buy it like the rest of the law-abiding public? ;)

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    I don't download it, I do buy cds. I collect them. But I also use spotify to stream free music. It has virtually every cd on there that I want to listen to and its basically a god send. Check it out plus artists get like a penny (or something) every time someone listens to their song. My only tip would be don't listen to songs all the way through because there are adverts, I tend to change the song with a couple of seconds to spare or forget and listen to adverts.

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