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    Completing a 2012 Topps Rainbow

    Question for my fellow collectors, how hard and expensive is it to complete a rainbow of John Kuhn in the 2012 Topps set. There's 5 1/1's and some other low serial numbered cards (12 or 13 cards in total I think) and what kind of price range would I get looking at spending (should I try and tackle it) to finish the rainbow. He's not a big name but Packer fans love the guy! Thoughts and advice from anyone would be great

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    I would say start out with the base rainbow and that will give you a good idea of how attainable they will be. The insert rainbow will be harder. You never know what packers cards will go for. Most of them should be easy to get. The really low numbered ones will most likely jump quite a bit in comparison to most other players. Sometimes you just have to try it and hope you can get it lol

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    Have you located the one of one or has the one of one been sold? If not then get the main set together then try and get the 1/1 located and try to obtain that.

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    I can't remember where, but I think he's on BO, but there is a John Kuhn "super collector" who buys pretty much everything of the guy. He is definitely quite popular.

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    I haven't seen any of the 1/1's out there at all ... But if there's another guy super collecting him then it's be tough, considering he has only a few cards. Might be fun to try without the 1/1's too and hope a guy gets lucky some day!

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