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    Quote Originally Posted by duffenuff1 View Post
    Hi i have a Peter Stasny auto from 0405 UD all world, he is pictured in his slovak team uni, lmk if your interested.
    Thanks for the reply, and though I appreciate the offer, I'm really only looking for a card featuring him in his Nordiques uniform, and may have a deal for one in the works as we speak.

    EDIT: Got it! A beauty of a Stastny auto from Panini Prime is now incoming!
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    Replied to your PM, thanks!

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    With a deal finally made for a Chris Pronger autograph, and a possible deal in the works for a Dave Schultz jersey, I have ONE card left on my want list; a Maurice Richard game-used card! If anyone has one available, please get in touch!

    Also, I'm in the middle of coming up with a new want list of players that I can add to this collection, including some Conn Smythe winners, Norris and Hart Trophy winners, Vezina winners, etc., so if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know!

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    Oddly enough, before landing a Schultz game-used card, I managed to acquire a Maurice Richard jersey card! It's currently on its way to me, so the last card that I need on my current want list is a Dave Schultz game-used card! I've got about a dozen or so cards on their way in to me, and I've got a new want-list in the works, but once I'm able to pick up a Schultz GU, I'm going to start a whole new thread for the new list. I want to thank everyone that has traded with me to help me add to this collection, and can't wait to take the next step with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by avalanche2006 View Post
    Nothing that I could find, sorry. The want list, at the moment, is literally down to only one card, a Dave Schultz game-used card.

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    have gu of Ray Bourque, Larry Robinson, Brendan Shanahan, Tony Esposito & looking for Penguin gu in return if int?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hockeydad2 View Post
    have gu of Ray Bourque, Larry Robinson, Brendan Shanahan, Tony Esposito & looking for Penguin gu in return if int?
    Sorry, got 'em all. I'm literally only looking to complete this list with a Schultz game-used card, and then I'll get a new want list put together and posted. Thanks for checking though!

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