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    2011/2012 BTP 10 box Casebreak at the Nationals (National Sport Collector Convetion)

    A big thanks to D&A for hooking us up on a case.

    2011/2012 BTP 10 box Casebreak

    I have the case on it way from D&A.

    Will be doing 10 slots hence pick 1 thru 10 snake draft. Unlike most group breaks if you pick first for the first half the case (10boxes). You will be picking last for the 10 National Redemptions. Hence you should get something good either way. While the middle picks would get to feast on a lot of nice mid range stuff before it's picked over.

    •18 Packs Per Box, 9 Cards Per Pack
    •2 Autographed & 2 Memorabilia Cards per box
    •3 Masked Men Inserts per Box
    •200 Card Base Set
    •Look for Gold Version Autographs

    So divided between 10 slots, the break down is roughly $75 for the case. Shipping will be $6 to Canada, U.S. and will even include shipping internationally if folks out of North America wish to participate. Bringing the total cost per slot to an even $87 for the casebreaks if you want a redemption card. I will put all pulls in soft sleeves, top loaders, or bigger ct case with them being secured in a used bubble mailer. I am just stating this for folks that might get upset when they get a used bubble mailer possibly.

    I want to offer this up as a fun site-wide low cost break. Better yet no one will get last pick in this break as we split the case break and National Redemptions from the Nationals into 2 breaks snake draft style.

    If you wish to opt out of the redemption card I will knock off six dollars. I know some folks hate show cards so I will give folks a option to opt out. Of course forgoing this pick could yield the first pick out of the redemption or last (all depends on your luck).


    1) Member must be in good standing to enter into the case break.
    2) Break will be conducted once all members have paid in full. If you wish to have proof of shipping be it d.c., signature confirmation, or tracking, that is up to you to pay the cost. I will gladly do it but will only keep my receipt of the packages sent out on the same day as proof. I cannot be responsible for the mail but will gladly ship out any method of shipping you wish me for me to send if different than normal first class shipping being offered.
    5) All box breaks will be shot and put on the SCF youtube channel.
    6) I will accept payment via cash, check, or paypal (U.S dollars). If you pay via paypal please pay the fees if you aren't sending it as a gift payment.
    7) List will be random (generated by a randomizer) and will have this on the youtube channel as well.
    8) Please for speed of the break pm the next person and subscribe to the thread. If you have been on the site via your time stamp and not made your pick I will make your choice for you if it been over 24 hours to keep things moving along.

    Other questions let me know.

    Posted Trades (paid):
    1)30ranfordfan (paid)
    2)patrickadams26 (paid)
    3)MattDMC (paid)
    4)SNobles (paid)
    5)colan33 (paid)
    6)huskytom (paid)
    7)thorni2 (paid)
    8)allonblack (Paid)
    9)claudehabs (paid)
    10)doniceage (Paid)

    Break will be done at the Nationals to get the (ITG redemptoins cards) To see a design of the card here is a link:

    Draft Order from the video:


    Cards in the draft:

    BTP 10th Anniversary Jersey - Tomas Vokoun /10

    Future Stars Auto - Mathiew Corbeil
    Future Stars Auto - Martin Jones
    Future Stars Auto - Louis Dominque
    Future Stars Auto - Curtis Sanford
    Future Stars Auto - Roman Will
    Future Stars Auto - Tyson Sexmith
    Future Stars Auto - Jake Allen
    Future Stars Auto - Eddit LackFuture Stars Auto - Scott Wedgewood
    Future Stars Auto - Jordan Binnington

    Future Stars Auto - Anton Khudobin
    Future Stars Auto - Andrew D'Aostini
    Future Stars Auto - Mark Dekanich
    Future Stars Auto - Matt Hackett
    Future Stars Auto - Laurent Brossoit

    Decades Autos - Dan Cloutier
    Decades Autos - Damian Rhodes

    Decades Autos - Glen Hanlon
    Decades Autos - Mike Veisor
    Decades Autos - Denis DeJordy
    Decades Autos - Emile Fancis
    Decades Autos - Doug Soetaert
    Decades Autos - Gillies Villemure

    Game Jersey - Alex Auld
    Game Jersey - Kent Simpson
    Game Jersey - James Reimer
    Game Jersey - Mac Engel
    Game Jersey - JP Cesario
    Decades 70s Quad Jersey - Tretiak / Myre / Parent / Gilbert
    Stanley Cup Tandems - Giguere / Brysgalov
    Journey Jersey Gold - Mikka Kiprusoff
    The Franchise Calgary - Kiprusoff / Giguere / Vernon
    Aspire - Khudobin / Thomas
    Aspire - Tokarski / Roloson
    Aspire - Rimmer / Price
    Aspire - Cann / Roy
    Aspire - Irving / Kipprusoff
    Game Jersey - Antero Nittymaki
    Game Jersey - Andrew D'Agostini
    Game Jersey - Carey Price
    Game Jersey - Cory Schneider
    Game Jersey - Henry Lundquvist
    Game Jersey Gold - Craig Anderson
    Game Patch - Martin Jones

    Masked Men - Alex Auld
    Masked Men - Rick DiPietro
    Masked Men - Curtis Sanford
    Masked Men - Chris Mason
    Masked Men - Evgeni Nabokov
    Masked Men - Jonas Hillier
    Masked Men - Tomas Vokoun
    Masked Men - Dwayne Roloson
    Masked Men - James Reimer
    Masked Men - John Vanviesbrouck
    Masked Men - Kirk McLean
    Masked Men - Ed Belfour
    Masked Men - Tim Thomas
    Masked Men - Ilya Bryzgalov
    Masked Men - Mike Richter

    Masked Men - Murray Bannerman
    Masked Men - Semyon Varlamov
    Masked Men - Roberto Luongo

    Masked Men - Felix Potvin
    Masked Men - Rogie vachon
    Masked Men - Patrick Roy (MON)
    Masked Men - Ryan Miller

    Masked Men - Patrick Roy (COL)
    Masked Men - Carey Price

    Masked Men Silver - Chris Mason
    Masked Men Silver - Jonathna Bernier
    Masked Men Silver - Curtis Joseph
    Masked Men Silver - Ed Belfour
    Masked Men Silver - Mathieu Garon
    Masked Men Gold - Rogie Vachon
    10rh Anniversary

    Craig Anderson
    Jaroslav Halak
    Jonas Gustavsson
    Semyon Varlamov
    Evgeni Nabakov
    Ondrej Pavelec
    Corey Crawford
    henrik Lundqvist
    Ed Belfour
    Kari Lehtonen

    Cam Ward
    Johnny Bower
    Terry Sawchuk
    Bernie Parent

    Johnathan Quick
    Patrick Roy
    Antti Niemi
    Nicklas Backstrom
    Carey Price
    Georges Vezina

    Pelle Lindbergh

    Redemptions (2nd half of the draft):
    Grant Fuhr Pad
    Grant Fuhr Jersey
    Patrick Roy Golve / Pad
    Patrick Roy Pad
    Gerry Cheevers Glove / Pad

    Tim Thomas Jersey
    Tim Thomas Pad

    Craig Anderson Jersey
    Cam ward Glove
    Mika Kipprusoff Pad


    SNobles 1,20, 21, 40, 41, 60. 61, 80, 81
    MattDMC 2,19 22,39, 42, 59, 62, 79, 82
    doniceage 3, 18 23,38, 43,58, 63, 78, 83, 98
    patrickadams26 4,17, 24, 37, 44, 57, 64, 77, 84, 97
    huskytom 5,16, 25, 36, 45, 56, 65[, 76, 85, 96
    30ranfordfan 6,15, 26, 35, 46, 55, 66, 75, 86, 95
    allonblack 7,14, 27, 34, 47, 54,67, 74,87, 94
    claudehabs 8, 13, 28, 33, 48, 53,68, 73, 88, 93
    thorni2 9, 12,29, 32, 49, 52, 69, 72 89, 92
    SNobles 10, 11, 30, 31, 50, 51,70, 71, 90, 91

    Cards taken:

    Draft Order from the video:

    SNobles - Decades 70s Quad Jersey - Tretiak / Myre / Parent / Gilbert, Doug Soetaert auto, Jerseys Silver #M08 Henrik Lundqvist , Game Jersey - James Reimer, Masked Men Silver - Mathieu Garon , Future Stars Auto - Tyson Sexmith, Patrick Roy - 10th, Masked Men - Evgeni Nabokov, 10th - Johnny Bower, Tim Thomas jersey redemption

    MattDMC - 10th anniversary Tomas Vokoun, Cory Schneider 2 clr jersey, Denis Dejordy Auto, Patrick Roy Colorado masked men , Masked men Carey Price ,Masked men Bryzgalov , Tim Thomas masked men, Chris Mason masked men, Alex Auld Masked Men , Tim Thomas Pad Redemption

    doniceage - Journey Jersey Gold - Mikka Kiprusoff, decades auto Gilles villemere, Decades Autos - Glen Hanlon , Masked Men Silver - Chris Mason,Future Stars Auto - Curtis Sanford, Future Stars Auto - Roman Will, Masked Men - Ed Belfour, Masked Men - Jonas Hillier, curtis Sanford masked men, Cam ward Glove

    patrickadams26 - The Franchise Calgary - Kiprusoff / Giguere / Vernon, Game Jersey - Antero Nittymaki, Game Jersey - Andrew D'Agostini , Game Jersey - Kent Simpson, Future Stars Auto - Scott Wedgewood, Masked Men - Felix Potvin, 10rh Anniversary Johnathan Quick
    , 10rh Anniversary Henrik Lundqvist, Masked Men - Rick DiPietro , 10th anniversaryEvgeni Nabakov, Mika Kipprusoff Pad,

    huskytom - Aspire - Cann / Roy, Future Stars Auto - Eddit Lack, Aspire - Tokarski / Roloson , Auto - Matt Hackett, Masked Men - Rogie Vachon, Masked Men - Mike Richter, Masked Men - Semyon Varlamov,Masked Men - Tomas Vokoun, 10th Anniv. Bernie Parent, 10th Anniversary
    Semyon Varlamov
    Craig Anderson Jersey redemption

    30ranfordfan - Decades Autos - Emile Francis, Stanley Cup Tandems - Giguere / Brysgalov, Decades Autos - Mike Veisor, Game Jersey - Mac Engel, Future Stars Auto - Andrew D'Aostini, Masked Men - Roberto Luongo, Masked Men - Murray Bannerman, Masked Men - Dwayne Roloson, Terry Sawchuk 10th Anniversary,craig anderson 10th anniversary,Grant Fuhr Pad

    allonblack - Game Patch - Martin Jones, Aspire Khudobin/Thomas, Future Stars Auto - Anton Khudobin, Jake Allen Auto, Future Stars Auto - Jordan Binnington, Future Stars Auto - Louis Dominque, Masked Men - John Vanbiesbrouck, 10th Anniversary Pelle Lindbergh, 10th Anniversary Ward, 10th Pavelec Cheevers Glove/Pad

    claudehabs - Aspire - Rimmer / Price, masked men patrick roy (MON), Game Jersey - JP Cesario, Masked Men Silver - Ed Belfour, Masked Men - Ryan Miller , Future Stars Auto - Mathiew Corbeil, 10th anniversary carey price , 10th anniversary George Vezina , 10th anniversary Gerry Cheevers, jaroslav halak 10th anniversary , Patrick Roy Pad

    thorni2 - Masked Men Gold - Rogie Vachon , Aspire - Irving / Kipprusoff, Curtis Joseph Silver Mask, Masked Men Silver - Jonathna Bernier, laurent brossoit auto ,Future Stars Auto - Martin Jones, 10th Anniversary #BTPA24 Antti Niemi, 10th Anniversary #BTPA13 Niklas Backstrom, 10rh Anniversary Kari Lehtonen ,Crawford 10th anniv , Grant Fuhr Jersey Redemption

    SNobles - Anderson Gold GU, Price Silver GU, Decades Autos - Dan Cloutier, Decades Autos - Damian Rhodes, Game Jersey - Alex Auld, Future Stars Auto - Mark Dekanich, Masked Men - Kirk McLean, Masked Men - James Reimer, Ed Belfour 10th, Jonas Gustavsson 10th, Roy Glove/Pad Redemption

    Video breaking the case:

    Video for the redemptions:

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    How does it cost an extra $6 to ship a redemption card Don?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wogman56 View Post
    How does it cost an extra $6 to ship a redemption card Don?
    It does not cost a extra six dollars to ship a card. It costs a extra six dollars to get a National Redemption card which you have a option of taking or not. Instead of breaking the box at my house. I have to pack up the case and open it all at the Nationals. Then pack up the hits and the redemptions upon leaving the Nationals for the drive home. Then pack them up to ship out per the selections made by the members in the break.

    Hence, why I bolded the six dollars if you want the redemption. As you can opt out if you so choose to keep the price at 81 dollars.

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    I'm in at 8, can I get a PM with zee pay up info?
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    Quote Originally Posted by allonblack View Post
    I'm in at 8, can I get a PM with zee pay up info?
    Quote Originally Posted by 30ranfordfan View Post
    Count me in again!
    Sounds good and will add you to the list upon a trade being posted between us. Sean, I know you know the ropes. Pm coming to you Allonblack.

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    gonna have to sit this one out, but best of luck to you guys. If you land a sweet jumbo stick, pad/glove, or triple franchises cards I still need for my sets, whoever drafts them will get a PM :-)

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    I wouldn't mind getting in on this if I am considered in good standing....I just need to know how to get in as it would be my first group break on here.


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    Ahh crap might as well join this one to.

    posting the trade now, will pay on Friday if thats ok with you.


    P.S. Just like the Broad Street Boys break please mark me for spot #3.

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