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Thread: Wanted: ITG Broad St. Boys

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    Wanted: ITG Broad St. Boys

    Title says it all... Let me know what you have... GU/AU traders in the link in my sig
    if your looking for a specific team/player/set I have tons of inserts/rookies/base (incl. full base sets) that I haven't had a chance to scan yet


    Gold Version /50
    1) Andre Lacroix Expansion Year
    8) Gary Dornhoefer Expansion Year
    9) Joe Watson Expansion Year
    10) Larry Zeidel Expansion Year
    12) Lou Angotti Expansion Year
    14)Simon Nolet Expansion Year
    15) Andre Dupont Broad Street Bullies
    17) Bill Barber Broad Street Bullies
    18) Bill Clement Broad Street Bullies
    19) Bob Dailey Broad Street Bullies
    20) Bob Kelly Broad Street Bullies
    21) Bobby Clarke Broad Street Bullies
    23) Dave Schultz Broad Street Bullies
    24) Don Saleski Broad Street Bullies
    25) Jack McIlhargey Broad Street Bullies
    26) Jim Watson Broad Street Bullies
    27) Larry Goodenough Broad Street Bullies
    32) Ross Lonsberry Broad Street Bullies
    33) Simon Nolet Broad Street Bullies
    34) Terry Crisp Broad Street Bullies
    35) Tom Bladon Broad Street Bullies
    36) Wayne Stephenson Broad Street Bullies
    37) Dave Brown Triumph and Tragedy
    38) Brad Marsh Triumph and Tragedy
    40) Darryl Sittler Triumph and Tragedy
    41) Dave Poulin Triumph and Tragedy
    43) Mark Howe Triumph and Tragedy
    44) Mel Bridgman Triumph and Tragedy
    45) Mike Keenan Triumph and Tragedy
    48) Phil Myre Triumph and Tragedy
    49) Rich Sutter Triumph and Tragedy
    52) Tim Kerr Triumph and Tragedy
    53) Bob Froese Triumph and Tragedy
    54) Pete Peeters Triumph and Tragedy
    55) Chico Resch Triumph and Tragedy
    57) Dale Hawerchuk Contending in the 90s
    58) Eric Desjardins Contending in the 90s
    60) John LeClair Contending in the 90s
    61) John Vanbiesbrouck Contending in the 90s
    63) Kjell Samuelsson Contending in the 90s
    64) Mark Recchi Contending in the 90s
    66) Rod Brind'Amour Contending in the 90s
    67) Sandy McCarthy Contending in the 90s
    69) Antero Niittymaki New Millenium
    70) Brian Boucher New Millenium
    74) Jeremy Roenick New Millenium
    75) Joffrey Lupul New Millenium
    76) Keith Primeau New Millenium
    78) Peter Forsberg New Millenium
    79) Ray Emery New Millenium
    80) Roman Cechmanek New Millenium
    81) Tony Amonte New Millenium
    82) Erik Gustafsson Tradition Continues
    85) Sean Couturier Tradition Continues
    86) Maxime Talbot Tradition Continues
    87) Brayden Schenn Tradition Continues
    89) Claude Giroux Tradition Continues
    91) Ilya Bryzgalov Tradition Continues
    92) James van Riemsdyk Tradition Continues
    94) Matt Read Tradition Continues
    98) 1974 First Cup Victory Greatest Moments
    100) 1976 Red Army Game Greatest Moments

    Autographs (Black Version)
    A-BCO Braydon Coburn (EL)
    A-BP Bernie Parent (L)
    A-CG Claude Giroux (L)
    A-CP Chris Pronger (L)
    A-DB Daniel Briere (L)
    A-DF Doug Favell (L)
    A-DL1 Dave Leonardi
    A-DL3 Dave Leonardi
    A-DSI Darryl Sittler (EL)
    A-EL Eric Lindros (L)
    A-EVA Ed Van Impe
    A-IB Ilya Bryzgalov (EL)
    A-JJ Jaromir Jagr (EL)
    A-JLE John LeClair (L)
    A-JR Jeremy Roenick (L)
    A-MH Mark Howe (L)
    A-MR Mark Recchi
    A-MRE Matt Read (L)
    A-PF Peter Forsberg (EL)
    A-PM Phil Myre
    A-PP Pete Peeters
    A-RH Ron Hextall (L)
    A-RST Rick St. Croix
    A-SB Sean Burke (EL)
    A-SC Sean Couturier (EL)

    Game-Used Jersey (Black Version)
    M-16 Peter Forsberg
    M-19 Mark Howe
    M-20 Pavel Kubina
    M-28 Brian Propp
    M-39 Bill Barber (L)
    M-42 Claude Giroux (L)
    M-43 Bernie Parent (EL)
    M-44 Dave Schultz (EL)
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    I have a Dave Poulin auto. PM sent! Thanks

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    A couple more down... anyone else? I have lots of autos left for trade

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