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    Thumbs down Politics and Religion forum closes on July 1st

    Lastly, on July 1st the Politics & Religion forum will be closing. It's been here a long time as the site owner was into those types of topics. While there had been talks in the past about closing the forum, they had went by the wayside. I feel that as a sports card buy/trade/sell/discussion forum on sports and sports cards that it's time to relinquish the P&R forum from SCF. I know it's popular, and I know some will be upset by it's closing while others will be happy. In the end I feel it's what's best for SCF.

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    so does anyone know of a good alternative? one that is not skewed one way or the other and not full of internet rage

    it was fun interacting with you guys/gals but p&r was the only reason i came to the site

    thanks to you all,gary

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    This site can do whatever it pleases...

    I think that it's a bad move seeing as there will ALWAYS be something religious or political to talk about but that's my opinion.

    I have several other places where I go to talk about these things....but admittedly, I think this was the only place where the majority was both religious AND non-liberal which is in direct conflict with how I perceive religion and politics.

    Ironically, I liked that because I really got to see how the "other side" thinks.....and I always want to keep my mind open.

    I guess when P&R closes that will do it for me with this website which is kinda sad, but like I said, I've got other places.

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    Ok, so which forum are we going to post our feelings on the daily lives of humanity and how the world is going to crap? NASCAR forum? Lol

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    I blame IMac because he doesn't come here anymore.
    Where am I going to watch bat poop crazy people on both sides of the spectrum continually bang their heads into the wall?

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    Seems like a bad move to me. I never got the idea of "this is a sports card site so why would you have this forum." I haven't been on in a while, but the P&R forum is really the only reason I come to this site... that and the garage sale finds post. My activity on the site will be very low if at all with this forum closing.

    Are they planning to get rid of all of the non sports related forums?

    I guess monitoring the forum might be a factor, but seems like a bad idea to close a forum that gets quite a few posts on a daily basis. Although I have no idea where it ranks on the sites most hit forums. Would be interesting to know.

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    The forum is closing because certain high ranking staff do not want to "waste their time" with non sport issues.
    Like usual, a few bad apples ruin it for everyone.
    This is the most active chat area in the forum by far and generates numerous threads and posts.
    I was offered another position, but I will be leaving, no need to stay some place that I can't agree on policy or practices.

    Hopefully we can all meet up some place else and continue our debates, arguments, likes and dislikes of each other.

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    Terrible Idea. This forum was the main reason I keep coming to SCF. I guess it was nice knowing ya SCF!

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