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Thread: Signs?MEME's and the like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMan1978 View Post

    Sports nuts?? I guess we will all be getting togethter in the SCF meet and greet someplace very warm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMan1978 View Post
    As a Christian (or better yet, follower of Christ), I am offended by this.

    Not offended at MadMan1978 posting this, but by the sign itself. It's extremists like this that give Christians (or anyone who is a believer in Christ) a bad name.
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    Actually, it says that the following will be meeting up.
    Druggies belonging to a homos

    Effeminate men belonging to gangsters, feminists, Mormons, Buddhists, drunkards, Bahis(sic), Catholics, wife beaters, atheists, New Agers, Democrats, environmentalists, P.K.s or abortionists

    Loud mouth women belonging to racists, Scientologists, emos, government recipients, adulterers, fornicaters, thieves, gamblers, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, perverts, idolators or Pagans

    High fullutent sophisticated swine belonging to agnosticts, liars, freeloaders or Liberals

    Anyone belonging to nuts that belong the a sport.

    So if any of those describe you, you're screwed!

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    I was going to check my PO Box and saw this sign at the church across the street from the post office. I'm not going to say anything one way or the other, I will let you draw your own opinions.

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    The Riddler is coming?

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    "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here". Jack Nicholson
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    I know some ugly gay dudes. That sign is false advertising.

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