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    (3) Sick Brock Osweiler auto Valiant /5 Fnfare /25 Showcase /5

    2012 Leaf Valiant Draft Black #BO1 Brock Osweiler AU 2/5 bv$n/a
    2012 Press Pass Fanfare Purple #FFBO Brock Osweiler AU 1/25 AU
    2012 Press Pass Showcase Green #SCBO Brock Osweiler AU 1/5 bv$n/a

    Have these FT. Looking to trade for whatever catches my eye
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    wouldnt mind trading for them, cmb
    Under the same name on beckett over 180 trades in 2 years. Bring on the offers!
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    Always looking for Cutler rc autos

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    CMB, LMK if you like anything. Maybe we can work something out.
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    ccc-waiting to hear back on my pm

    uk-need other high end in return. can use you salas sw spot on a low end deal

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    I know this is an old post, but I just came across it! Do you still have the black valiant available?

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