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    this years mvp and rushing champion's rookies

    looking to sell or trade for tom brady rookies.

    some of my shaun alexander rookies available:
    press pass breakout-1
    hit- 1 available
    topps stars- 3 available
    stadium club- 1
    topps season opener- 2 avaiable
    upper deck victory- 3 available
    upper deck mvp- 4 available
    upper deck- 1
    skybox premium- 1
    skybox impact- 2 available
    skybox dominion- 9 available
    skybox dominion silver version- 1
    aurora- 2 available
    pacific- 2 available
    quantum leaf- 2 available
    fleer traditions- 5 available
    let me know.
    thanks (tom hess)

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    please make me a fair offer. i do not have a current beckett.

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