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    Your guilty pleasure songs. Admit them here. It's okay, you're among friends.

    LEN - Steal My Sunshine


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    A good song is a good song

    Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
    ET by Katy Perry
    Like a Prayer by Madonna
    90% of Nickelbakc's album "The State"
    90% of Justin Timberlake's album "Justified"
    I'm sure there are mountains more

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    I despise 99% of the things Nickelback has done. But I'm with you, The State was actually pretty decent.

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    Anything by Kelly Clarkson
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    Quote Originally Posted by *censored* View Post
    I despise 99% of the things Nickelback has done. But I'm with you, The State was actually pretty decent.
    YES! I kind of like Nickelback. If it wasn't for how you remind me and all the retakes of it (Someday, Photograph, Saving Me, etc, etc, etc) and their live show is worth catching at least once, if you're at all into fire/pyrotechnics. That said, I understand how people can't stand them. But I can't understand how some people can not like The State. Worthy to Say is an awesome song and so is Breathe, Old Enough...anyway...

    There's nothing wrong with Steal My Sunshine, though I do find it funny that Mocha Only was in Len before joining Swollen Members

    Oh yeah, Lady Venom and most of the Bad Dreams album by Swollen Members

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    Quote Originally Posted by NsLoki View Post
    Anything by Kelly Clarkson
    Yeah this too

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    Michael Jackson - They don't care about us

    I absolutely do not like MJ. But I love that song.

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    I like every genre of music so I cannot really pick a couple of songs. Here is one of my favourite youtube videos by two of my favourite artists (and no I do not feel guilty about the genre or the sport being shown, though some fans may)

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    I can't say the name of it on this site for obvious reasons but on the cd "Straight out of Compton" by NWA I love the the song that comes on right after Straight out of Compton. Everytime I get frustrated by the system I listen to that song.
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    Anything by Billy Joel.
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