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    Ambitious (crazy?) new collecting goal

    Ok, Ive been floundering for a while as to what to really collect. Im working a few football sets, but havent had any real collecting focus

    Since I wont ever be able to afford the real big name cards, I was trying to figure out what/how to build a unique collection- and I think Ive figured it out

    I want to construct the history of trading cards from 1900-1980. What I am going to attempt to do is get a single card of every set, regional issue, and insert set produced for the four main sports, and as many non-sport/different sport issues as I can find. I figure this challenge will keep me actively hunting for stuff, and since Im not after high end copies of cards, shouldnt cost me a fortune or get me discouraged.

    Just getting started on this, obviously- but if you owe me something, here would be a cool way to start. Round me up some stuff from various sports/years/sets from 1900-1980 and send em my way.

    As far as condition goes- Id prefer no writing, rips or paper loss, but creasing/corner rounding is fine.

    I plan to post weekly pictorial updates on my photobucket website to illustrate my progress.

    I will post my short list of what I have tomorrow, but would love to see where this goes!


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    Ed I think this is a great idea. Something to keep you involved and also not put you in the poor house. With the regional issues, you should have a nice big project ahead of you. Perhaps you could eventually get away from photobucket and build a regular webpage where you could add a little comment about the set, regions, unique facts, etc etc.

    I would also consider extending your collection to 1999 to cover the whole century. Since you are focusing on regional and national base sets, you wouldnt have to acquire all the inserts, but you could really see some of the unique technology of the 90s that is so different than the vintage stuff. The holofoils, Topps Laser etc etc.

    Best of luck with it buddy!

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    gonna start with pre 80, cause thats what I consider vintage, and it avoids all the inserts and stuff from the more modern runs- if i ever get close, maybe I advance to more modern years, but I have a feeling Ill be busy enough with this project for quite a while
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    I've got some lower/mid grade oddball stuff you might be interested in, Red Man, Red Dog, Baseball Scoops etc. Let me know and I can see what I can come up with for you.

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    gonna be out of town from tues-sun, so Ill probably start really putting stuff together after I get back (and see how much money I spent)
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    Take a look at my webpage if you like, I am working on a hockey version of your project.

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