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    WTTF: Marte, McCarthy, Buerhle, Thomas

    Not looking for any base, would just like rookies, refractors, #'d, autos, and too a lesser extent game used and maybe regular inserts. LMK what you have.


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    Would be interested, what are you looking to get for it?

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    No problem, don't really have anything you'd be interested that isn't in my PC, I thought you had the bronze version, didn't realize the regular rookies were #'d to 99 as well.

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    I understand that, but there are two versions of the auto. One is in the base set and #'d to 99, it books for 50, the other is a bronze version which books .3 times the regular version. I didn't realize the base set was #'d to 99, I thought you had the bronze version, which books for much less and is something I could have drummed something up for.

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