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Thread: $100 Paypal Up For GRABS!!!

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    Cool $100 Paypal Up For GRABS!!!

    Hi, I am sure some of you know me already, and some of you I have yet to meet. I have a cool $100 burning a whole in my paypal account right now. Looking for 1 card only. Not looking for any particular player although I do have a specific order of positions in which I am looking for. First is QB, RB, WR. Card can be of a retired player or a Vet, makes me no difference. Oh and one last thing if your into UFC check my bucket maybe we can work out a PayPal card deal. Thanks a lot for looking, and the help here guys! MADE A DEAL AND NOW I AM LOOKING TO SPEND $48 ON ONE CARD. Lmk what you have. Thanks!!!
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    Back with $50, anyone with a good deal for me today?

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    I've got a Jake Plummer/Brock Osweiler dual auto SOTT from 2012 SPA out of /5.

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    Still have a $30 in paypal for one card. LMK what you have in that range please?
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