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Thread: what do u think of this?

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    what do u think of this?

    a tiger woods autoed card for over 1,000

    what if it was graded by PSA or BGS u think it would be worth more... thats crazy that someone would pay that much for his auto... i almost got his auto on a hat the other day... what would that have gone for?

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    I personally wouldn't pay that much for it, are golf cards really that popular?

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    It's because in Beckett they said that the "First graded" cards seem to have a premium over just graded cards from that company. So there is a possibility the people are spending that much to get a "First Graded" card.

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    Although it is a first-graded card, I am surprised someone would pay so much for a card graded by GAI. If all companies have similar grading systems, why wouldn't they send it to a popular one like PSA or Beckett Graded?

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