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Thread: Request a Home Address

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbrownsfan View Post
    Anybody ever seen an address for Roberto Clemente Jr I believe he had a cup of tea as they say in the big leagues?

    I know this isnt a home addy, but try this....

    c/o Roberto's Kids
    55 Union Street
    Oneonta, NY 13820

    That foundation is dedicated to his father. Jr helps out with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilgreg419 View Post
    Troy Tulowitzki?

    Going to have to send it to the Rockies and include $25 for their charities.

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    Anything for soccer (MLS)? shoot me a pm, I'll make it worth your time

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    Can someone PM me Calvin Johnson's home addy

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    Quote Originally Posted by goaliegod33 View Post
    Do you have any good hockey Addresses Like Ovechkin or Crosby?
    Ovie used to sign through his agent's agency I doubt he signs anymore. Crosby doesn't know what autographs are unless you are paying $300+

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkyMark View Post
    Can someone PM me Calvin Johnson's home addy
    im looking for this also. seems pretty reliable via his home address

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    Also looking for Calvin Johnson's if anyone has it. Thanks

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    Not to burst anyone's autohound bubbles, big name stars don't sign for free through the mail. If you do get one, get it autheticated to see if it is real because of the use ghost signers, stamping, and autopens. I've done ttm for over 20 years and i learned things, both good and bad.
    I collect ttm/IP autos. Always willing to trade/sell cards to grow my autograph collection.
    I collect Jack Lambert, Too Tall Jones, Lebron James, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, Hofers
    I'm the proud owner of REED Authentics

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