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Thread: Looking to buy or trade for

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    Looking to buy or trade for

    In addition to the below... I am looking for a LOT of GU/AU/RC/#d equaling BV$150-170. It Has to include These and only These teams... and only current players! Best Price for cards I want gets my money.

    Reds, Indians, Red Sox, Patriots, Browns, Bengals, Steelers, Pirates, Phillies, Sixers, Braves, Falcons, Cardinals, Cowboys, Rangers, Mavs, Cavaliers, Mariners, Sonics, Cubs, Pistons, Lions, Tigers, Broncos, Nuggets, Celtics, Bruins.

    Looking for

    RC/GU/AU/#d of
    ARod (RC, AU or Yankee Uni)
    Mariano Rivera
    Dwight Howard
    Eli Manning
    Tiki Barber
    Pedro Martinez (RC or Met Uni)
    Johnny Damon (RC or Yankee Uni)
    Carlos Delgado (RC or Met Uni)
    Carlos Beltron (RC or Met Uni)
    Vince Carter (RC or Net Uni)
    Channing Frye

    Also Redskins Stuff #d under /100 (Need to be CURRENT PLAYERS or FORMER STARS in UNIFORM)

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