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    Most you spent on a single card?

    I was looking on ebay for single cards and was curious what was the most everybody else has spent? For the most part I only buy boxes(until recently), so the most for me would probably only be $25 for a Jackie Robinson bat.

    Sorry if this has been done before.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    i just started collecting again about a month ago. So far the most iv spent is about $50 for the PSA 10 Emmitt Smith Pro Set RC. But i have alot more to go on my list that will exceed that

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    Bought an Ichiro '93 Takara rookie for $100 in the hopes it would grade at a 9.5. It graded a 9 though and I ended up selling it for $60, boo!

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    I spent $100 on a Ronnie Brown 05 Upper Deck Signature Sensations Auto #04/23. The best deal I ever got was $60 for a Ronnie Brown 05 Topps Total Print Plate #1/1.

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    A couple years ago I bought a Garnett Topps Finest rookie graded PSA 10 for $150. Not really sure what they're going for now. Also it still has the coating on it.

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    Double post due to the The server is too busy at the moment message.

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    $3 - '04 Leaf Rookie & Stars Tiki Barber GU (#13/75) It's gold

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    $30 for a yao rc jersey. sometimes its not bad paying for something you like/want escpecially if the packs are $25-$50 a pack.

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    I've spent $200+ many times, but I think the most I've spent is $550 for a Gale Sayers PSA 8 RC.

    I've sold a few cards for close to a grand though. An 02 Leaf Limited Johnny Unitas au/jsy #/5 $910 and my Lebron Kobe dual au/jsy #/10 $800.


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