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Thread: Wich box?

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    Wich box?

    I have a choice to buy any box i want of basketball cards. Right now i am leaning towards buying the 05/06 SP Game Used box you seem to have agood chance of getting a good card out of them. Wich box would you guys suggest i buy out of any 05/06 Basketball boxes?

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    05/06 UD Reflections 4 gu/autos chance of pulling nice stuff

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    2005-06 SPX Box,the most beautfil cards I have ever seen.thats why Im doing the set right now.

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    I've had a lot of luck with SP GU, pulled a Lebron auto/Redemption, 1of1 Logoman and a Deron Williams auto #ed/10. It seemed like every box I opened had at least 1 good card in it.

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    Umm i mean the 05/06 SP Game Used Box... How much do they usually run for?

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