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    2010 Upper Deck World of Sports Card Cash pack sale

    This is a 2010 Upper Deck World of Sports Card Cash pack sale. Each box guarantees two autographs!

    There are 20 packs per box and 6 cards per pack. Each lot of two packs costs 1,800 Card Cash or 1,500 for VIP Members. VIP Members get first crack at these until 12pm on Tuesday, July 24th! Then all members can purchase a lot. One lot per member!

    Please add 200 CC for international buyers outside of the US and Canada!

    These packs will be shipped when the box is sold out!

    Please send me the Card Cash after you post what pack you want. All payments MUST be made immediately after you post. Please do NOT purchase a pack unless you have the CC now!

    LOT 1: mikepro44
    LOT 2: Bauldie
    LOT 3: jaybird_1981
    LOT 4: RGM81
    LOT 5: Aknot
    LOT 6: PvtDirt
    LOT 7: patriotsguy
    LOT 8: steven_morgan
    LOT 9: TysonX504
    LOT 10: lil5up3rman
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    Lot 7 please!

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    Lot 5, Thanks.

    Uh..... give me a sec cause Ive never transferred CC... :D

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    Lot #4 for Richard please!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    and of course, I just used all my cc.

    Good Luck everyone

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