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    Do you need this:

    send me a pm if you do, Shawn

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    Really like the Hall/Eberle SOMB Dual auto, Pcmb please!


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    I have this, I'd be interested in the Orr Puck Signings.

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    pm was sent..
    plmk either way..

    ok thank-you.
    heres my bucket

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    I am interested in your SPx Tavares RC and your Crown Royale Skinner RC. Would you please look through my Bucket and LMK if you can possibly use something? Thanks.
    I Collect RC's & Low Numbered Auto's Of Star Players

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    Pm me on the Gretzkys, Orr sign of the times, and the Richard please.

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    pcmb ft eberles and the hall fw
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    I trade/buy/sell by MV, while respecting YV (my value, your value) thank you.
    Collecting Stamkos, Toews, Crosby, Tavares Rookies

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