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    LTB: 2 clr swatches of every player

    Hello, Im going to bump this up. Ive been gone for awhile and I didnt PM a few people back which I apologize for. I got a new job suddenly and its been hectic lol.

    So im still trying to get as many multi colored swatches as I can, so please show me your cards and prices! Im only looking for multi colored swatches not multi colored dual jersey cards and not patch cards just plain multi colored swatches! Thanks everyone and I look forward to talking to you guys and making deals again.

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    Are you looking for 3 Colors as well? And Prime Jerseys?

    2007-08 SPx #191 Matt Ellis JSY RC (0175/1599) BV 8.00$
    2010-11 Certified Mirror Gold Materials Prime #78 Mike Cammalleri (13/25) BV 25.00$
    2010-11 Luxury Suite Jerseys Prime #33 Jonathan Bernier (118/150) BV 12.00$
    2006-07 SPx Winning Materials #WMKL Kari Lehtonen BV 12.00$
    2010-11 Black Diamond Jerseys Quad #QJJC Jeff Carter BV 10.00$
    2006-07 SPx #158 Niklas Backstrom JSY RC (0724/1999) BV 12.00$
    2007-08 SPx #182 Tobias Enstrom JSY RC (0057/1599) BV 10.00$
    2007-08 SPx #181 Jonas Hiller JSY RC (0723/1599) BV 15.00$

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    Take a look in my messy PB and you will probably find a few in there. Also have many two colored (or more ) in complete sets of 05/06 SP Authentic Fabris, 05/06 Hot Materials, 03/04 Private Stock Reserve. Also have some not in Photobucket but will try to scan a them and put all of them together, providing you are willing to pay a FAIR price. Thanks, Dave

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    Here are a few for you. LMK which ones you are interested in and I'll get you a price. PM is faster. Thanks, Dave.

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    At work bump. Im going to respond to everyone once I get home . Thanks for the offers so far. I just want to add though that im looking for 2 color swatches, not cards that have 2 or more Jerseys that are different colors. Thanks again.

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    Other than multi-colored ones out of complete sets that I have, I can offer you these:
    (15 of 15 )

    (1 of 20 )
    ( 1 of 20 )
    ( 1 of 70 )

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