I'm still trading for any Julius Peppers & Stefan LeFors cards I need (Trade even book). I will also consider baseball & Basketball RC's/GU/Autos (at 60-75% Book). Right now I cannot buy anything so please don't ask.

Here is my complete GU/Auto Tradelist. If you want Insert/parallel/RC/cards #'d 250 or less, they are still listed on my site, www.freewebs.com/peppescollection, as well as my current Peppers & LeFors Collection.

(61 Total Cards)

Baseball (10 Cards)
05 Fleer Classic Clippings 'Jersey Rack Triple GU Jersey' Sosa/Dunn/Cabrerea
05 Fleer Classic Clippings 'Jersey Rack Triple GU Jersey' Rolen/Beltre/C.Jones
05 Prime Patches 'Major League Materials' Curt Schilling (2-Color) (#146/256)
05 Prime Patches 'Major League Materials Dual Jersey' Alfonso Soriano (Both 2-Color) (#73/107)
05 Prime Patches 'Portraits Dual Jersey/GU Bat' Kazuhisa Ishii (#83/150)
05 Prime Patches 'Portraits Authentic Signature' Jacque Jones
05 SP Legendary Cuts 'Classic Careers Jersey' Bob Horner
05 Topps 'All-Star Stitches Jersey' Moises Alou
05 Topps Pristine 'Uncommon Jersey' Scott Rolen (#382/500)
05 UD Classics 'League Leaders Jersey' Pedro Guerrero

Basketball (4 Cards)
02-03 Fleer Box Score 'Press Clippings Jersey' Kevin Garnett
02-03 Ultra 'O' GU Warm Ups Vince Carter
03-04 SP Game Used 'Authentic Jersey' Kedrick Brown (x2)
04-05 Press Pass 'Authentic Autograph' Anderson Varejao

Football (43 Cards)
99 Fleer Focus 'Feel the Game GU Jersey' Mark Brunell
01 Sage HIT 'Silver Authentic Jersey' Drew Brees (#18/175)
02 Bowman's Best Gold 'Triple GU Patch/Jersey/Ball' DeShaun Foster (#58/99)
02 Fleer Hot Prospects 'Red Hot Materials' DeShaun Foster (#15/50)
02 Playoff Contenders 'Rookie Autograph' Marquise Walker (#220/330)
03 SP Authentic Kliff Kingsbury 'GU Patch' (2-Color W/stitches) (#810/850)
03 SP Signature 'Authentic Signature' Kareem Kelly
03 Upper Deck 'GOLD Game Jersey' Kurt Warner
03 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Kliff Kingsbury Auto RC/Sammy Baugh (#414/2000)
04 Flair 'Hot Numbers Silver GU Patch' Chad Pennington (#42/75)
04 Leaf Rookies & Stars 'Great American Heroes Autograph' Steve Smith (#42/75)
04 SP Authentic 'Scripts for Success Autographed' Chris Gamble RC
04 UD Finite 'Finite Signatures' Keary Colbert
04 UD Reflections 'Offensive Threats LTD Patch (3-Color)' Matt Hasselback (#16/21)
05 Bowman's Best 'Rookie Jersey' Stefan LeFors RC (#440/799)
05 Bowman's Best 'Rookie Jersey' Roddy White RC (#433/599)
05 Bowman's Best 'Rookie Jersey Blue' Stefan LeFors RC (#293/299)
05 Bowman's Best 'Rookie Autograph' Chase Lyman RC (#232/999)
05 Bowman's Best 'Rookie Autograph' Dante Ridgeway RC (#67/299)
05 Donruss Classics '30 Yard Line Jersey' Donovan McNabb (#171/199)
05 Donruss Elite 'Face to Face Dual GU Facemasks' Torry Holt/Koren Robinson (#63/125)
05 Finest 'Rookie Autograph' Vernand Morency
05 Leaf Certified Materials Stefan LeFors RC Jersey (#1005/1499)
05 Leaf Certified Materials 'Mirror White Jersey' Troy Aikman (#5/175)
05 Leaf Certified Materials 'Mirror Red Jersey' DeShaun Foster (#100/100)
05 Leaf Certified Materials 'Mirror White Autograph' TA McClendon RC (#60/100)
05 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia 'Rookie Jersey Collection' Carlos Rogers RC
05 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia 'Leather & Laces GU Football' Anquan Boldin (#147/250)
05 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia 'National Treasures Prime Triple GU' Green/Bulger/Hasselbeck (#22/25)
05 Playoff Honors 'Alma Mater Materials' Jevon Kearse
05 Playoff Honors 'Rookie Tandems Dual Jersey' Eric Shelton/Stefan LeFors
05 Playoff Honors 'Class Reunion Dual GU Jersey' Willis McGahee/Chris Brown (#34/150)
05 Topps Pristine 'Personal Endorsements Autograph' Ryan Fitzpatrick (#1402/1500)
05 UD Reflections 'Rookie Signature' Charles Frederick
05 Upper Deck 'Rookie Futures Jersey' Terrence Murphy
05 Upper Deck Rookie Premiere 'Sunday Swatches' Joey Harrington
05 Zenith 'Z-Jersey' Anquan Boldin
05 Zenith 'Canton Bound Jersey' Larry Fitzgerald (#154/199)
05 Zenith 'Rookie Roll Call Jersey' Reggie Brown
05 Zenith 'Rookie Roll Call Jersey' Eric Shelton
05 Zenith 'Rookie Roll Call Jersey' Ciatrick Fason
05 Zenith 'Rookie Roll Call Jersey' Antrel Rolle
05 Zenith 'Rookie Roll Call Autograph' Carlos Rogers (Redemption--being redeemed)

Wrestling (4 Cards)
05 WWE Heritage 'Ringside Relics E/U Mat' JBL/Batista
05 WWE Heritage 'Ringside Relics E/U Mat' Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero (creased, being replaced)
05 WWE Heritage 'Ringside Relics' E/W Shirt Kurt Angle
05 WWE Heritage 'Authentic Autograph' Kurt Angle

LMK any offers