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    Official eBay Member Posts Explained

    Members will see two official eBay Members/bots on SCF; eBay and eBay Sellers Club. I'll explain each and what their purpose is.

    SCF is and always will remain a free site with an optional paid VIP Membership. To pay the bills we sell ad space, run Google Adsense and are an eBay affiliate. This isn't different than the vast majority of FREE websites out there.

    Over the past year, the cost to run SCF has gone up (server, shipping store/prize items, etc) and it was an expensive 2012 with us upgrading the server and upgrading and adding new software (forum upgrade, mobile version, etc). The expenses are high and the payout from advertising continues to shrink. The bad economy effects everyone and let's face it, the sports card industry hasn't grown since the 1980s and maybe the early 90s. While the industry has shrunk, the number of websites that offer services like SCF has increased.

    eBay offers one of the best affiliate programs and is perfect for anyone that runs a sports card website. Most members on SCF have used eBay in the past, or currently use it now. By sending traffic to eBay we pay the bills. By increasing the traffic we sent to eBay, SCF can remain a free site, pay its bills, add new features and continue to upgrade.

    eBay Sellers Club
    The eBay Sellers Club is fully explained here. Basically, this program allows SCF members to offer reduced shipping to other SCF members. It's a win for the sellers (increased exposure), buyers (discount) and SCF (more eBay exposure). I've isolated the Sellers Club to a forum and some widgets around the site. If you don't want to be part of it, it is really easy to avoid.

    The eBay user post official eBay auctions in the sales forums. I do my best to make the auctions SCF member auctions. Consider this a "sponsored" post/ad and the rules still apply to members NOT posting auctions in these forums. For example:

    I've set it so the most popular players get posted a few times a day in the sales forums of each sport. For example, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin in Football, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in Basketball, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva in MMA, and so on. These feeds are set to post every 4-12 hours in each these forums. These are the most active forums on SCF and the most popular forums receive a new post every few seconds to minutes. For example, you may see an Andrew Luck eBay auction every 300 posts in the Football forum. It really doesn't disrupt the forums. Again, many of these auctions are from SCF members and are relevant auctions that SCF members may find useful. If you want to avoid these auctions, simply don't read threads that are clearly marked as eBay (either eBay or eBay Sells Club).

    We also have eBay quick links and searches on the site. Please use these every time you go to eBay as it really helps SCF and cost you nothing.

    I hope this explains the reasoning behind adding these eBay posts/feeds. I'm going to work on having these posts invisible to VIP members in the future.
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