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    FT 2007 Topps Heritage WWE cards with Cena Magnet and Mysterio mini

    I got a couple of pack of these as a bonus in an auction.Included is a John Cena Magnet a mini Rey Mysterio Allen and Ginter card and the heritage throwbacks with Brian Pillman,Kamala,Vader,Bam Bam Bigelow,Great Khali and others.I can send pictures upon request.Looking for any Kobe Bryant,Derek jeter or Don Mattingly cards in trade.Or any kind of Randy Orton stuff.

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    any Kelly Kelly cards?

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    The whole lot

    Here is what is in the lot
    WWe Heritage 3
    John cena magnet
    Rey Mysterio A@G mini
    bam bam bigelow
    dean malenko
    pat patterson
    brian pillman
    jimmy garvin
    rocky johnson
    great khali
    lance cade
    the miz
    bobby lashley
    matt hardy
    big daddy v
    shannon moore

    and 7 2001 diva cards
    lita Card # 26 and 14
    debra #16
    ivory #24
    jacqueline #25
    jacqueline in the ring #82
    jacqueline vrs molly holly in the ring #12

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    Ok I will let the kids put them in their bikes to make motorcycle noises

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