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Thread: NCAA Tournament Round 1

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    NCAA Tournament Round 1

    What up gentlemen and ladies??? I just purchased some tickets to the Round 1 and 2 of the NCAA tournament in Greensboro, NC. Just wondering if anyone has done the tourny before? This will be my first experience in person. Any information about autograph opportunities or things to purchase at the site would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    i went to Indy a couple years ago for the tourney... there really isnt much opportunity at the game to get autos... your more likely finding players around the arena on their off day or after practice on the off day to get autos... most of the time the coaches really keep the players focused and dont let them sign or anything like that... there are plenty of items to buy i you are interested in any of the teams especially.. they have small stands around the arena just as any other game.
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