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    Are NFL hiring policies fair???

    Ok, I was thinking about this, and it made me wonder. A couple years back, the Detroit Lions were penalized by the NFL for hiring Steve Mariuci without interviewing a minority candidate. In effect, they knew who they wanted, interviewd him, and hired him. A whole bunch of "affirmative action" groups pitched a fit, saying it wasnt fair for them to not interview a minority candidate. My question is this- the Chiefs just did the same thing, only with a minority candidate- Herm Edwards. They knew who they wanted, interviewed him, and hired him. Why no complaints now?? Is there a double standard in NFL hiring policies? Curious to see what everyone thinks

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    Ed, I'm not sure about this but maybe that rule didn't apply since Edwards was traded for? The Jets received a few draft picks for him, similar to what the Bucs did for Gruden.

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    personally.. i think the whole topic is ridiculous... i see no point in interviewing someone you have no intentions on hiring.... as a personel manager at my place of employment i would not waste my time interviewing someone just because a piece of paper with a stamp on it says i have to... i have better things to do.
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