I need some Paypal right now and I am selling this lot for $35.00:

2005 UD Rookie Debut "Debut Ink"
JJ Arrington auto
2005 Donruss Elite "TOTC"
JJ Arrington auto #/125
2005 Topps DP & P "Class Marks"
JJ Arrington auto
JJ Arrington auto
2004 Topps DP & P "Class Marks"
Chris Perry auto
2004 Bowman "Signs of the Future"
Cody Pickett auto
2004 Topps Signature Edition
Keary Colbert auto #/1499

Shipping is included, but if you want a DC #, I will have to add an extra $1. Please let me know if you are interested. I need confirmation of funds in my account, before I mail out my cards to you. Hope this is alright. Thanks for looking. I will be back later to check messages.