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    Thumbs up Will Buy The Following!!Have Some Money!!

    I will pay cash.
    I will not pay for shipping fees, I will give you an offer shipped to my door.
    If the price is not good I will not buy.

    Looking for the following:

    All highend Larry Johnson Rcs

    All decent to highend Tomlinson Rcs

    All highend Jamal Lewis Rcs

    All highend Shaun Alexander Rcs

    Hobby boxes of 00,01, and 04


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    Well I have a Johnson Leaf Limited Phenoms Auto'd Rc. It books at $80 sells for $86-$94. I'm asking $82 for mine insured delivery. I could include this with the Seymour Deal I PM'd you about.


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    no thanks
    im not looking to pay $82 for a card that books $80
    if anything i will pay that much only if it goes up

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    still have all those lewis' for you if you want them.

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