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    Finally found a place to live and a job!

    I have had a really rough couple of months. I recently found my own place to live and a new job. I owe a few of you money and I would like to take care of all of these matters as quickly as I can. I will be getting my first paycheck next week, and want to take care of anything I may owe to anyone.

    Sorry it has taken so long. I was homeless for a month and a half and finally had to go back to my mother's house for a minute until things got figured out. I get paid early next week. I do not think I owe all that much to anyone, so let's get this all squared away as quickly as possible, and again I apologize for the mistakes I made.
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    Congrats and the best of luck to you in the future.
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    Congrats and here is to a better future.
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